USA Today: Many Bottled Water Labels Don't List Sources

Jan. 10, 2011
USA Today: Many Bottled Water Labels Don't List Sources

An article in USA Today reported that many bottled water labels do not disclose their water sources.

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Editor's Insight: Packaging and recycling is a very public issue that all businesses need to be aware of.

That being said, refreshment service operators must not let this issue distract them from providing what their customers want.

Because many customers are concerned about the environment, refreshment service operators must listen to those customers who are concerned about the impact of package waste on the environment. Refreshment service operators can offer to assist with recycling and they can offer point-of-use water.

Refreshment service operators must also listen to customers who want the convenience and safety of single-serve bottled products.

Automatic Merchandiser provided an informative article on this issue in its May 2008 issue. To access the article, go to: 01-10-10 Elliot Maras