Texas Lawmakers Introduce Container Recycling Bill

March 22, 2011
Texas Lawmakers Introduce Container Recycling Bill

A bill has been introduced in Texas, SB 1119, entitled the "Texas Container Recycling Initiative." The bill would establish a recycling program for beverage containers in Texas. The bill would establish a refund value for beverage containers and would require that those containers be labeled with the refund value and the word "Texas" or the abbreviation "TX."

The distributors of the beverage container must collect from the retailer a deposit of 0.05 cents on containers less than 24 ounces and 0.10 cents on containers greater than 24 ounces. The bill also contains provisions for recycling the containers and requirements for redemption centers and convenience redemption zones. For more information, contact Sandy Larson at [email protected].

Editor's Insight: VendingMarketWatch has encouraged readers to explore the opportunity presented by reverse vending machines for container recycling. Some machines break up the bottles and cans. Some can scan the container and hold it in the machine and provides the consumer a redeemable receipt for each item recycled.

Recycling is a big concern among consumers and businesses today.

Vending operators can query existing customers for interest in having such a system onsite.

In most situations so far, the systems are operated by the locations and not a vending or foodservice operator. 03-22-11 Elliot Maras