Entrepreneur Develops Water Purification Vending Machines

April 1, 2011
Entrepreneur Develops Water Purification Vending Machines

Pura Vida H2O, based in Randolph, Mass., is a new company that distributes vending machines that sell purified tap water, according to The Enterprise in Brockton, Mass. The machines, which are provided to customers for free, that pump water into the machine from a municipal water line, then undergoes multiple stages of filtering and reverse osmosis, and ends up in a tank where it is chilled to 42 degrees.

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Editor's Insight: This startup is attempting to offer customers a more environmental option than plastic bottles. This is a self filling machine that offers water in 16-ounce, 24-ounce or one-gallon increments.

The company, which has made a small number of placements, will face stiff competition from existing point-of-use water systems that allow consumers to access water for free. 04-01-11 Elliot Maras