NAMA Equipment & Product Showcase

Jan. 1, 2006
The following products were introduced at the NAMA National Expo in Atlanta, Ga.

The following products were introduced at the NAMA National Expo in Atlanta, Ga.


Coffee Brewers


The Caféjo CJ-200 brewer is a smaller machine with a footprint of only 9 inches that uses the same pods as the larger machine. Call 800-888-2739;


Automatic espresso vending machines include bean to ready-to-drink cup at the touch of a button. The company imports and distributes Jura light commercial machines in the U.S. Jura X-line products are for OCS and lower volume foodservice applications. The company also imports machines under the Aequator name that include a variety of automatic espresso makers. Call 678-364-1922;

Cafection Enterprises Inc.

The Avalon Triple B now weighs less and includes several new features: long espresso; 50 percent more chocolate; an internal compartment for tools; an improved ventilation for soluble products; a halogen light offering a modern look; and an interactive user selection panel. The unit dispenses dual cup sizes and two brew strengths. Call 800-561-6162;

Flavia Beverage Systems

The new beverage station merchandises drinks covering every conceivable hot beverage category for the at-work market. The merchandiser features four beverage categories, covering different day parts. The new menu includes selections from: coffee, tea, well being and indulgence. The current merchandiser holds a maximum capacity of 345 drinks. The new merchandiser holds a maximum capacity 716 drinks, signifying a 107.54 percent increase. Call 800-523-5146;

Fountain USA

The CF4, CF6 and FA12 compact manual dispensers offer a variety of coffees, hot and iced teas, hot chocolate, isotonic drinks and soups. Call 718-729-2333;

Java Flow

The fresh-brew coffee dispenser allows the use of liquid coffee concentrate with an aseptically packaged 1-gallon bag-in-box, fresh-brew hot coffee, a refrigerated compartment, a child safety lock, and is available in steel and white. Call 985-863-7792; [email protected].

Melitta USA Inc.

The one:one single-serve pod brew system features convenience, quality and variety. Each coffee and tea pod is individually foil wrapped and nitrogen flushed.

The brewer comes in a stylish design in five different colors. Melitta offers six different coffee varieties and three tea varieties. Call 727-535-2111;

Newco Enterprises Inc.

The “Fresh Cappuccino” mini dispenser offers three selections and will fit under most cabinets. It features an automatic rinser that cleans the whipper chambers; an adjustable temperature; and individual product strength controls to customize selections. It comes in two sizes; 2-pound hopper and 3-pound hopper.

The 20-to-1 brewer holds 20 ounces of water for every ounce of coffee. It features touch key buttons, a digital time display, a coffee-ready light, a brewer signal, a brewing light, an auto-arm, a power bar and a hot water faucet. Call 800-325-7867;

Salton Inc.

The Robopod™ single-pod brewer offers a countertop solution. The machine features two size cups: 8 and 12 ounces. The 48-pound machine comes programmable and/or with a manual stop. Recovery time is two minutes after six consecutive cups. Brew cycle is 23 seconds. The machine accepts the following pod brands: Juan Valdez, Melitta One and Cooper’s teapods.

The Semmy 520 is a countertop espresso pod machine made by Rossi. Call 800-272-5629;

Wilbur Curtis Co. Inc.

The ThermoPro™ G3 digital control module provides precise control over all aspects of brewing. Operators can preset recipes at the touch of a button. Stainless steel ThermoPro™ vacuum-sealed servers keep coffee fresh. A single unit is field selectable for up to three-batch brewing.

The Café Primo Cappuccino (PC)

Systems share many components with Curtis’ Generation Three Cappuccino systems. The Café PC is available in multiple drink models for maximum flexibility. The Café models utilize advanced digital control module that allows precision blending for consistent quality. Call 800-421-6150;

Wolfgang Puck® Coffee

The Wolfgang Puck® branded Café Xpress pod brewer offers auto-pod ejection, two soluble mix hoppers and fully programmable brew cycles for lattes, mochas, espresso and more. Marketing support includes direct mail cards and brochures, branded cups, thermal wraps and other tools. For vending operators, the company offers branded graphic kits for full-size and countertop coffeemakers. Other support materials include posters, banners and menu boards. For hotels, there is an in-room pod brewer. Call 877-777-1600;

VE Global Solutions LLC

The Koro brewer made by N&W Global Vending is an automatic brewer that uses high-quality components featuring three different push-button technologies — espresso, fresh-brew and instant. The Koro offers up to eight different selections, including three basic drinks (freshly brewed coffee or tea, espresso and instant coffee). The dispenser produces a 1-liter jug of coffee or tea in one minute and 40 seconds. Maintenance is made easy due to access to the various components on all four sides. Loading, cleaning and maintenance can be handled by a professional operator or by the end user, or by a combination of the two. There is a range of accessories available, including a payment system module, which can host a coin validator and a key/card cashless system, and a cup module, allowing the user to always have cups of different diameters within easy reach. The cup module also has a compartment for sugar and stirrers. Call 800-321-2311;

Money Handling Equipment

American Changer Corp.

BC-101 bill counter offers counterfeit detection with its infrared ink sensors, ultraviolet ink sensors and magnetic ink sensors. The counter also has large LED displays that assist in batch counting, tallying 1,000 notes per minute, with a feeder capacity of 200 notes and a stacker capacity of 300 notes. Call 954-917-3009;

CashCode Co. Inc.

The BackLoad MSM bill validator features multiwidth bill and bar coded coupon validation. Features include: advanced sensor technology; stringing protection; versatility; lockable/removable cassettes; flash memory; auto-calibrating/auto-tuning; and beltless design to reduce maintenance. Call 800-584-2633;

Coin Acceptors Inc.

The BillPro-CRX Card and Bill Acceptor offers a bill acceptor and credit/debit card reader combination unit built upon the BillPro™ platform with patented Flexstack™ technology. The BillPro-CRX increases vending sales by offering payment flexibility in the form of bills, credit or debit cards, and coupons. The intuitive vertical card path is ergonomically designed to optimize use in vending equipment to ensure reliable card swipes. A multiline, high-contrast LCD display and audible feedback provide the consumer with a continuous transaction status.

The Coinco combo unit is specifically designed to operate in conjunction with card processing technology offered by Transaction Network Services and USA Technologies. Call 800-325-2646;

eSecure Peripherals Inc.

Milk Money™ is an automated system that combines dispensing, user payment methods and detailed reporting in a single integrated package. It consists of the CK2000 reader installed in a vending machine, an “eStore” program to track purchases, and media to identify individual students. The program offers tracking of free, reduced and full pay transactions. Call 888-377-9282;


The retrofit, smart card-based, cashless card reader can fit any MDB-capable machine. The reader is designed to be less expensive than a coin mechanism or a bill validator. Call 423-894-6177;

International Currency Technologies

The S6 Series bill validator offers four-way acceptance and is reprogrammable with a flash ROM and features an automatic, self-adjusting sensor system.

The Leonid mini hopper features double sensors, an advanced coin size adjustment system, and an advanced minimum coin detection system.

The ND-500 note dispenser has a 500-note capacity and features single or multiple note dispensing options. Call 510-353-0289;

JCM American Corp.

An interactive bezel with an LCD screen powered by the JCM bill validator through MDB can be added to any vending machine without requiring an additional cutout. The bezel enables product advertising and can help customers determine what denominations of change they will receive, which will encourage multiple purchases. The system will allow the vending operator to offer promotional discounts at the point-of-sale. Call 702-651-0000;

Microtronic AG

Cashless electronic payment systems. The “U-Keymifare” is a multipurpose data carrier that can be used as a master key for vending machines, time registration, access control, prepaid purchases, preordered meals, photocopiers, and other functions. Call 41-0-62-388-45-45;

Rowe International Inc.

The Bill Breaker bill-to-bill and coin changers join the existing line of front- and rear-load changers. The changers dispense two different bill and/or coin denominations, print a reconciliation report, and offer a user-feedback display. The changers are equipped with MEI bill validators and Fujitsu bank note dispensers. Call 800-393-0201;

SandenVendo America Inc.

The Sanden ECC-USM90B1 coin mechanism is a 5-tube mech that can be configured to hold dollar coins or quarters and will limit “exact change” situations. Features include: acceptance of U.S. and Canadian coins; rapid coin dispensing from multiple tubes simultaneously; transparent construction to easily locate jammed coins; two LEDs on the keypad to communicate diagnostic functions; snap-on modular construction for quick cleaning and servicing; and foreign coin rejection.

The Sanden Dollar Bill Validator accepts 1- and 5-dollar bills and provides 4-way bill acceptance. Features include: double protection against bill pull-out; optional validation using six sensors at two wavelengths; single-bill escrow; two 2-color LEDs for easy servicing; die-cast, reinforced bezel; error detection; compatibility with other manufacturers’ coin mechs; and easy to clean. Call 800-344-7216;

SEM Inc.

The Unilog multi-application cash card system allows multiple ways of reloading cards, either by self-serve or manual serve. Call 888-334-7569;

Transaction Network Services

The “Synapse” cashless vending system is a wireless transaction data communications platform developed for Pepsi Cola’s vending operations. It is the only cashless system tested and proven in the field and authorized by Pepsi. The Pepsi-certified training and support program is provided by TNS.

The system is UL listed and Pepsi trademark authorized. It is compatible with all current Dixie Narco, Sanden Vendo and Royal Vendors machines.

TNS provides card processing services; operator-friendly settlement reporting; and Internet-based reporting. No back office hardware or software is required. Call 703-453-8550;

USA Technologies Inc.

USA Technologies and MasterCard International have partnered to provide a faster and more convenient payment option for use at vending machines. The e-Port® payment terminal from USA Technologies installs easily into existing cash-only vending machines, enabling them to accept traditional credit and debit cards as well as contactless cards and fobs.

MasterCard PayPass™ is a new “contactless” payment program that provides consumers with a faster and more convenient way to pay. Using PayPass™, consumers simply tap their payment card, or alternative PayPass™ form factor (such as a fob), on a specially equipped terminal. The transaction takes place in seconds and typically requires no signature. PayPass™ allows payments to be completed quickly, securely and easily, without the hassle of fumbling with cash and coins. Call 800-633-0340;

Vendors Exchange International Inc.

The micromech-to-MDB conversion kit enables most micromech machines to accept new 4- and 5-tube changers, credit card readers and cashless payment systems like Zip. The kit allows machines to upgrade to 4- or 5-tube coin mechs and still use existing bill validators. In addition, the integrated cash/credit card bezel fits in most bill changers. The kit allows the operator to set the denominations of bills accepted, or allow the consumer to decide what denominations of bills they want to receive. The credit card reader interfaces with MEI’s credit card clearing service. Call 800-321-2311;


ViVOtech is an end-to-end contactless payment solution provider that allows consumers to make contactless payments with radio frequency-enabled credit and debit cards, key fobs, mobile phones, PDAs and identity cards. The transaction platform enables vending machines, fuel dispensers, kiosks, time and attendance terminals, transportation ticket machines, and others, to accept a wide variety of contactless payment applications such as Mastercard® PayPass™, ExpressPay from American Express®, as well as value-added contactless gift and loyalty applications and others. Call 408-248-7001;

Food Handling Products

Form Plastics Co.

Form Plastics Co., Inc. introduced a unique merchandising solution for Crane Shoppertron and Rowe cold food machines. This solution, called “the riser,” is an inclined stand that props food items up on an angle in each compartment for maximum visibility. Functional for both prepackaged or commissary provided food items, the riser allows customers full view of the item being presented.

Also introduced were shelf liners designed for all compartments of the new Crane Shoppertron 432 food machine. Form Plastics Co., Inc. continues to offer the shelf liners and bottle holder stands for the existing Crane and Rowe machines. The risers, shelf liners and bottle holders are available exclusively from Vendors Exchange International Inc. at: 800-321-2311, ext 218.

Preferred Packaging

Microwaveable entrée or salad bowl with dome lid allows an operator to showcase appetizing menu selections. The versatile, black microwaveable bowl can be used for entrees or salads. The anti-fog dome lid won’t fog in a chilled display case. The lid snaps off with a pull on the side tab. Call 800-406-0038;

Computers and Data Processing

Cantaloupe Systems

The provider of wireless remote monitoring for vending now has a new home page, offering the following reports: real-time inventory; instant inventory alerts; machine health updates; cash accountability; sales reports; and prepick lists. Call 510-647-3785;

Data Intelligence Systems Corp.

The route management systems include changes from version V5.6.16 to version V5.7.4. Call 800-627-9900 or 800-627-9992.

InOne Technology LLC

The IDEX remote monitoring system gives an operator the data they need from the machines to optimize route schedules and product mix. The system allows an operator to know exactly how much inventory is selling from each machine and can eliminate sellouts and over servicing. It also allows the operator to know how much cash is in the machine at any given time, thus reducing theft. Call 800-426-1487;


MEI will incorporate Cantaloupe Systems’ technology into its new EASITRAX™ Vending Management Solution. The new EASITRAX™ version will deliver dynamic scheduling technology that increases driver productivity, along with the ability for machines to automatically contact operators when problems occur.

MEI’s EASITRAX™ frees operators from traditional reliance on inefficient forecasting models, providing superior replenishment scheduling via constantly updated stock and usage information. Building on MEI’s remote data port — used for credit card transactions and first-walk elimination — the Cantaloupe Systems’ SEED™ Platform dynamically schedules machines for replenishment, effectively eliminating sold-out columns.

Drivers can now handle 25 percent more machines while providing a superior replenishment service. Improved route management information, immediate e-mailed machine maintenance notifications, enhanced scheduling, and better stock control results in fewer sold-out events and increased productivity.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cantaloupe will power and operate MEI EASITRAX™ On-Line™, an interactive, Internet-based application module designed for dynamic scheduling, machine alert management and sales data review. MEI EASITRAX™ On-Line™ will be integrated into the new MEI EASITRAX™ v3.4. Call 610-430-2500;


VendMAX/DeliveryMAX 4.1 includes improvements to both the software and the handheld with significant enhancements to VendMAX Remote and Dynamic Scheduling. There are also significant enhancements for OCS and bottled water operators to help with pre-ordering and telesales.

The VendMAX 4.1 Remote module improves truck-loading or prekitting accuracy by using exact sales data rather than estimates to monitor machines. With VendMAX’s open architecture, operators can use any wireless or hard-wired (phone or Ethernet) network to remotely enable their machines.

The new dynamic scheduling module automates one of the most critical decisions in vending operations: when to schedule a visit. Operators can use VendMAX Dynamic to schedule some or all of their machines on an open schedule (any day) or based on their current set schedule. VendMAX Dynamic schedules machines based on a range of parameters, such as number of sellouts, percent depletion, amount of money in the machine, and the number of days since the last service.

VendMAX 4.1 enhancements enable automatic backups and faster synching times. A new feature allows the handheld to automatically try synching under poor network conditions until it gets a connection. If the handheld is unable to reliably connect, it will keep trying until one is achieved. Call 800-478-7326;

Vending Machines

Automatic Products International, Ltd.

The new Premier® 130 Series line of glassfront merchandisers offers reliability and sophistication, while adding valuable improvements to help operators achieve maximum profitability with even less time and labor.

The Premier 130 Series offers a host of new operator and consumer benefits. The all-new Stealth styling provides stunning good looks that make products the center of attention, while the brighter lighting presents brands in their true color and delivers up to three times the bulb life. The Premier 130 Series also features enhanced merchandising with 100 percent visual impact of brands, eye-catching two-line scrolling graphics display, and changeable point-of-sale window.

The advanced electronics are smart yet also simple to use, and feature effective modes to save time and money, such as customized energy conservation periods, shut-down by selection, space-to-sales, automatic daylight-savings time clock-rolling, programmable messages, effective promotional tools, and many more.

The Fast Track programming keypad provides time-saving navigation. The buttons are easily identified in plain text, and are also bilingual — simply toggle between English and Spanish. And the new shelf design provides easier shelf movement, while lower shelves pull out straight for ease of filling and better ergonomics.

All 130 Series merchandisers feature an enhanced Golden Eye® with 12 sensors per side for maximum vend detection. Each is “plug and play” ready, with preinserted price rolls and selection numbers to save time and money.

Features include: Braille numeric consumer selection system; wireless shelf connections for easy shelf removal and less maintenance; and metal shelves and chrome spirals for greater durability.

The Studio Series features modern “Metro” styling with a deeper delivery bin with a contoured interior to make product retrieval easier, with two-line scrolling message display. The series offers both historical and interval sales data and full DEX accountability at the machine. The lower shelves on the snack merchandisers pull straight out for better ergonomics when filling.Call 800-523-8363;

Automated Vending Technology

The RAM1600 Remote Access Management is a glassfront snack machine with built-in remote access management. A device is installed in the vending machine that connects the machine to a PC via the Internet, allowing remote management of machine inventory, repairs, collections and advertising on the Internet. An optional multipay system allows the machine to accept cash, debit cards and credit cards. Dimensions: 72 by 28 by 29.5 inches. Weight: 475 pounds. Call 877-424-3663;

Dixie Narco Vending Systems

The BevMax 2™ XY features the “XY” product delivery system, providing gentle handling of product that minimizes foaming and at the same time offers an entertaining vend experience. It allows multiple shaped packages to be vended without adjusting the set-up, and is quick and easy to load. It features an electronic lock system that secures the door at two points. Call 803-688-9090;

Fit Fuel

Fit Fuel is a dedicated health-oriented vending machine with customized graphics. The machine offers a variety of payment options, including wireless telemetry-based online monitoring.

Fuel Zones™ accept a wide variety of payments, allowing customers the flexibility of paying in whichever way is most convenient.

Payment options include: credit/debit cards; RFID tags; hotel keys; and cash.

Cashless technology not only gives consumers increased payment flexibility, it also allows for greater sales and increased profits. Call 888-563-1170;

Fresh Chips

The automated cooking machine cooks potato chips in canola oil and delivers a choice of four dipping sauces (barbecue, salsa, ketchup, and sweet and sour) and salt. The chips are vended in 35 seconds and the machine has a 250-vend capacity. Oil is purged and replenished automatically. The machine features a diagnostic and status LCD display. Dimensions: 74 by 40 by 28 inches. Options include remote accounting and diagnostics via a telemetry connection. Options also include bill acceptor/validator, coin changer, file suppression, light box, front graphics panel and side graphics panel. Call 888-762-4477; Corp.

This China-based OEM has a facility in Norcross, Ga. and offers a variety of machines. They include both wall-mounted and free-standing machines with coin and/or bill acceptors. The EV3632 is a stand-alone machine with LED display and voice instruction, and a coin and bill acceptor, with optional, wireless, remote monitoring. The EV3301R is a wall-mounted, instant noodle machine that is battery-operated and has LED display and a hot water chamber. There are also medium-size, large-size, king-size and jumbo-size versions of the instant noodle machine. Call 770-242-7955;


The Vision glassfront machine features an elevator-driven product delivery system that allows for restocking, eliminating empty space and increasing channel capacity by at least 20 percent. Product is delivered bump- and fall-free, to the height of the consumer’s hand, allowing for the sale of more fragile products. The interior space can be divided and each channel can be adjusted to the dimensions of a particular product. The trays allow for height adjustment and each can include up to seven channels. The machine has LCD display with direct status and programming messages, and is equipped for telemetry operations, including audit, sales and incident reports. Call 305-468-0308;

MooBella LLC

MooBella LLC has developed a machine that marries innovative, patented technologies with ice cream. The machine produces fresh, delicious, made-to-order ice cream in 45 seconds to the delight of consumers. It provides 96 choices based on combinations of two ice cream varieties, 12 flavors and three mix-ins.

For foodservice operators, the machine increases sales per square foot, saves time and money, and ensures accurate, consistent
portion control.

The MooBella technology enables instantaneous aeration, flavoring and freezing of ice cream mixes formed into a scoop of fresh premium hard ice cream and dispensed within 45 seconds. The addition of Cantaloupe’s Seed™ platform enables MooBella to monitor its machines in the field at any location that has wireless capability. MooBella will be able to capture sales, inventory and operations data.

Cantaloupe’s Seed™ interface enables MooBella to automatically predict when MooBella machines will need product restocking and where to send that product. It provides a tool for detailed analysis to compare and evaluate sales by region, channel, flavor, etc. as well as an error analysis tool to identify the function status of its machines. Call 774-961-1221;

SandenVendo America Inc.

The Model V5-411 and VSR-411 Snack Vendors are glassfront snack machines. Features include: extractable shelves, allowing first-in, first-out loading; MDB controllers with DEX/UCS compatibility; membrane switch keypad; a vacuum flourescent display; low-energy fluorescent lighting system; point-of-use graphic opportunities; trays that are adjustable up and down in 1- to 3/16-inch increments; an anti-theft delivery bin; cassette-style refrigeration system for quick and easy servicing; adjustable leveling legs; and an optional lint skirt. Call 800-344-7216;

Seaga Manufacturing Inc./Vendtronics

The Ventronics VC3000 glassfront machine with all-steel design is designed for easy loading and servicing. Trays tilt and can be removed without a harness. Dual spirals are standard on two trays; spirals have standard coil. The machine has a vend detection system to ensure delivery through the over-sized push door. The diagnostic screen is easy to read with 20 characters on two lines. The keypad is telephone-style and has Braille. The machine features full DEX/UCS and MDB capabilities, and comes with full chrome trim. Call 815-297-9500;

U-Select-It Corp.

The Alpine ST refrigerated glassfront machine vends sodas, juices, dairy products, foods and other products that need refrigeration. It features a foamed-in-place, insulated cabinet and door. The design secures temperatures down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The machine features the iVend® guaranteed product delivery sensor. It is MDB/DEX capable and has versatile and adjustable trays and helix timing. The machine holds up to 60 items.

The Geneva hot beverage merchandiser dispenses a broad menu of premium and specialty coffees and teas. It features up to 72 different products, dual-cup capability, a small footprint, an advanced power management system, single-user interface, MDB/DEX capability, one-touch servicing, and the iVend® guaranteed product delivery sensor.

The Mercato glassfront snack merchandiser features a new electronic controller, flex shelf technology, a fully adjustable helix timer, MDB/DEX capability and the iVend® guaranteed product delivery sensor. Call 800-246-8709;

Parts and Accessories


The QL3B head is a quick-change filter head with shut-off that accepts all Everpure quick-change aluminum cartridges. In addition, the MicroGuard™ Pro filters feature a combination 0.15-micron membrane and graded density carbon filtration for chlorine, taste and odor, cyst and bacteria reduction.

The capacity ranges from 250 to 550 gallons. The ESO blended, precoat filtration and softening cartridge is designed for specialty coffee applications and reduces mineral content in ingredient water. Call 800-323-7873;

Lutech Inc.

The Vend Verifier developed by Greenwick for the Rowe 4900 to 5900 machines features optical beam technology. The device recredits the vend price to the machine if no product drops after two attempts. The unit requires MEI validators. The unit is installed in three steps. Call 800-458-8661;


Area treatments with mounting brackets feature a custom graphic printed to ABS plastic. Panels are laminated to corrugated plastic. Panels slide over 6-gauge wire mounting brackets. Mounting brackets are mounted to the top of the machine with ½-inch self-tapping screws. Alignment brackets mount to the top of the machine with self-tapping screws. Brackets easily align machines and space them 1 inch apart. Call 866-406-1989;

Security Products

Abloy Security Inc.

The Shut-Out™ Series of vending security products has expanded to include hasps, puck locks and the Shut-Out™ shield and the Shut-Out™ safeguard. The series is designed to combine with Abloy maximum security products to provide a complete vending security solution. Call 800-367-4598;

Lock America Inc.

The S619A/B high-security t-handle lock features a hardened steel housing with a ¼-inch thick rounded face to help prevent against drilling. The S833H hardened steel housing is for “removable core” plug locks. The S619 is a short-body, high security “removable core” plug lock. Call 800-422-2866;

Triteq Lock & Security LLC

The retrofit sign face kit with electronic security is for cold drink machines with curved fronts. The components give older machines the same benefits as the Pepsi HVV machines, including larger decals and selection buttons. Operators need a sign face, which they can get from a sign face company (one company that is providing the sign faces is D.I. Graphics, based in Denver, Colo.), and product selection switches and the vandal panel that goes over the corner of the door, both of which Triteq provides. Call 857-640-7002;

Videx Inc.

CyberAudit-Web is a browser-based software program that offers cellular communication to remotely program user keys in the field. Access authorization can be sent to keys via a cellular phone, providing on-demand access and eliminating unauthorized entry. Used in conjunction with CyberLock electronic keys and lock cylinders, the cylinders are easy to install inside traditional mechanical door hardware and do not require batteries or wiring. CyberAudit-Web can be operated over the Internet. Call 541-758-0521;

Cummins-Allison Corp.

The Money Machine is a self-service coin center for customers. The customer simply pours their coins into the hopper and pushes one button on a colorful touch screen. Within seconds, the coins are counted and a receipt is provided, which can be converted to cash at a manned counter. The bin collects up to 58,000 mixed coins. Debris such as paper clips, screws, bolts and bent coin is diverted to a debris cup for easy disposal. Suspect coins are uncounted and diverted to a coin return cup while maintaining the coin sorting speed. Call 800-786-5528;

Electrotemp Technologies Inc.

A variety of point-of-use, free-standing water coolers that feature energy saving technology, as well as parts and accessories related to water coolers. Call 877-513-1242;

Freedom Shopping LLC

The self-serve shopping kiosk utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to replace traditional vending machines. No longer limited to what items will fit in a vending machine, the self-serve kiosk offers a larger variety of items, including fresh foods, beverages, snacks, personal care products, books and magazines.

The RFID technology and video surveillance create theft deterrence and a speedy checkout. Kiosks that have been in operation since early 2005 produced a 50 percent to 100 percent increase in sales volume over traditional vending banks.

Online monitoring allows the operator to have total control of the pricing, sales, cash, inventory and expiration dates. Call 888-664-8168;

Get & Go Express

The franchise offering includes training, equipment and marketing support for free-standing banks of vending machines in public locations. This is a turnkey program in which the investor pays the franchisor a fee for training, ongoing support and assistance in securing a location and negotiating the necessary agreements to place and operate machines. The vending bank includes a remote monitoring device and video surveillance. Call 217-528-0730;


AC and DC motors, AC brake motors, AC variable speed motors, and AC and DC gear motors. Call 661-702-8565;

International Business Development Inc.

The Eliminator™ hot/cold or cook/cold point-of-use water cooler for bottled water or in-line filtration features a single float system, shut-off valve, durable valves, a safety hot valve and adjustable temperature. Call 770-242-2995;


The Reflections point-of-use series water coolers feature a classic design with a one-piece, blow-molded cabinet, rounded corners and edges. Optional equipment includes E-Z Fill™ system, no-spill kit, cup dispensers, float kit and top. Call 909-629-7301;

Met-Speed Label

Pressure sensitive labels include up to seven colors and can be hot stamped, embossed, varnished and overlaminated. There are more than 1,000 dies in stock. The labels can include various adhesives and can be printed on one side or two.

Printers available can provide thermal transfer printing. There is a four-color printer available. Call 888-886-0638;


Point-of-use water filtration coolers are available in floor-standing and countertop models. Purlogix™ offers systems with reverse osmosis, micro filtration or without filters. An optional in-tank, ultraviolet disinfection is available on all models. Call 866-787-5649;

Samar Enterprises Co., Ltd.

The LCD compact flash media player incorporates a 7-inch display screen. The media format includes jpeg, motion jpeg, and mpeg II. It supports memory cards. Capabilities include motion body senor to automatic playback function. There is also an LCD compact flash media player with a 15-inch screen. Call 886-2-2642-1661;

Vertex Water Products

A full line of bottle-less coolers includes dual and triple temperature units, free-standing units, countertop units, reverse osmosis technology and an ultraviolet option. Different colors and designs are also available. There is also a line of water softeners available. Call 800-627-2146;


Candy, Snacks and Confections

Barrel O’ Fun Snack Foods

Blair’s Death Rain bagged snack chips come in 2-, 1.5- and 1-ounce bags. Flavors in 2-ounce bags: barbecue kettle chips, Cajun kettle chips, habanero kettle chips, cheddar jalapeno, buffalo wing kettle, cracked crab kettle, and parmesan habanero; flavors in 1.5-ounce bags: plain kettle, habanero kettle, buffalo wing kettle, and cheddar jalapeno; flavors in 1-ounce bags: habanero kettle, cheddar jalapeno kettle, and buffalo wing kettle. Call 800-346-4910.

B & G Foods Inc.

New York Style tender and lighter bagel chips come in four flavors: garlic, plain, cinnamon raisin and original. Call 973-401-6500;

Berry Blasters Inc.

The 1-ounce sour flavored candies feature grapes dried and packed with flavor to create a distinctive taste. They come in three flavors: sour cherry, sour strawberry and sour peach. Call 559-673-5908.

Biscomerica Corp.

Basil’s Peanut Butter and Basil’s Lemon Sandwich Cremes are the latest additions. Basil’s Sandwich Cremes are provided by Biscomerica Corp., the bakery that offers the Knott’s Berry Farm line of cookies. Call 909-877-5997;

Brother Kane’s Peanuts

Salted snacks in 1.5-ounce bags: gourmet peanuts; hot and spicy peanuts; and butter toffee peanuts. Call 770-480-2233.

Brownie Baker Inc.

6-ounce apple cinnamon; 6-ounce cinnamon roll; 6-ounce cream cheese roll; 4.5-ounce strawberry cheese; 4.5-ounce lemon and cheese; 4-ounce concha; 6-ounce raspberry roll. Call 800-598-6501;

Cadbury Adams

Trident Splash has two flavors in each piece: sweet gum on the outside and a splash of refreshing liquid on the inside. It is available in two new flavors: strawberry with lime and peppermint with vanilla. Call 972-673-7000;

Campbell Soup Co.

Pepperidge Farm® cookies in 2.25- and 1.5-ounce packs include: Mint Milano cookies and Brussels cookies. Call 904-390-0940; or

Farley & Sathers Candy Co.

Farley’s® Fruit Snacks are available in orange, cherry and strawberry flavors, as well as an assortment package of mixed fruit that contain cherry, strawberry, grape and orange flavors. All four varieties are available in 2.5-ounce packages. Call 507-372-2829;

Flowers Snack Group

Mrs. Freshley’s branded SnackAway snacks are designed for nutrition-conscious accounts. The single-serve line includes: wild blueberry muffins, 2 to a 3.4-ounce pack; vanilla yogurt crème cakes, 2- to a 3.4-ounce pack; and vanilla yogurt crème oatmeal cookies, 1- to a 1.8-ounce pack; wild blueberry. Call 800-639-2671;

General Mills

Betty Crocker® Scooby-Doo!™ branded, extra-large, 2.5-ounce Fruit Snacks feature assorted fruit flavors that are fat-free, naturally and artificially flavored with real fruit juice and 200 percent vitamin C.

Gardetto’s Roasted Garlic Rye Chips are available in a vend pack, double baked and seasoned with Gardetto’s recipe flavor.
Bugles now come in salsa flavor. Call 763-293-1180;


Soy-based food products include soy protein bars, shake powders, crisps, roasted soy nuts, chocolate-covered soy nuts and snack bars. Call 888-436-4769;

Haas Baking Co.

Iced honey bun is 4.75 ounces. Call 314-631-6100;

Handi Foods Ltd.

Uncle George’s Pita Chips come in four flavors in 1.6-ounce bags: super hot habanero, mild salsa, ranch, and original lightly salted.

Uncle George’s 0.7-ounce Pita Chips in cinnamon and barbecue.

Pita Puffs in 1-ounce bags: super hot habanero, salsa, and garlic and chive. Call 800-892-6224;

Harmony Foods Corp.

Single-serve snacks include: yogurt flavored pretzels with calcium in 3-ounce bags; gummy bears with vitamin C in 4.5-ounce bags; yogurt flavored raisins in 2.2-ounce bags; country stream in 2.3-ounce bags; tropical trail mix in 2.3-ounce bags; spicy cha cha, 2.3-ounce bags; super deluxe mix, 2.3-ounce bags, sugar-free gummy bears, 2-ounce bags; sugar-free sour worms, 2-ounce bags; gummy worms, 4.5-ounce bags; sour bears, 4.5-ounce bags; sour worms, 4.5-ounce bags; fruit snacks, 1.75-ounce bags; gummy bears, 1.75-ounce bags; sour bears, 1.75-ounce bags. Call 800-837-2855;

Healthy Delite

Fruit Roots are flavorful, fat-free laces made with all-natural ingredients and vitamin C in 2.7-ounce peg bags. Varieties include mixed berry, citrus medley, kiwi and orchard peach. Call 516-593-5369;

Hershey Co.

Candy-coated milk chocolate Kissables™ provide chocolate kisses in five bright colors in a 1.5-ounce bag that fits in a small spiral.

The Kit Kat® Big Kat® has been reformulated as Kit Kat Extra Crispy crisp wafers, which have twice the crisp as regular Kit Kat.

Hershey’s $1.00 cookies are for large spirals. The 2-ounce 4-cookie packs come in three varieties: milk chocolate dipped cookies with chocolate crème and almonds; Reese’s milk chocolate dipped cookies with peanut butter; and caramel milk chocolate dipped cookies with caramel. Call 717-534-3660;

Just Born Inc.

Mike and Ike® candy is now available in two more varieties: Tangy Twister, including raspberry, pineapple, cherry, citrus punch and apple, and Hot Tamales Fire, featuring chewy cinnamon flavored candies. Call 800-445-5787;

Kar’s Nuts

Kar’s PB&J Mix combines salted peanuts and strawberry flavored jelly drops to create a snack mix with the actual taste of peanut butter and jelly. This low-in-sugar, protein rich snack is a healthier alternative to traditional snacks. The 1.5-ounce packages are available primarily in school and business vending machines. Call 800-527-6887;

Kellogg’s Food Away From Home

Cinnamania™ Graham Snacks are crunchy, bite-size cookies that taste like cinnamon buns and French toast slices. The products include zero grams of trans fats and are made with whole grain wheat. The snacks come in two varieties, cinnamon bun and French toast, in 1.76-ounce bags. Call 877-511-5777;

Kenny’s Candy Co.

Kenny’s bite-size candy items include: 2-ounce bags: juicy sour strawberry, juicy sour green apple, and juicy cherry; 4-ounce bags: mixed licorice chews; 5-ounce bags: juicy sour strawberry, juicy sour green apple, juicy sour watermelon, juicy sour blue raspberry, and juicy sour red raspberry. Call 800-782-5152.

Kraft Vending & OCS

Tombstone® branded beef and cheese sticks offers a dual snack that combines two tastes. Both beef and cheese sticks come in 1.125-ounce packs and contain no MSG.

Nabisco Ritz® chips in original flavor comes in a 1.75-ounce bag.

Nabisco Golden Oreo® sandwich cookies come six cookies to a 1.8-ounce pack.

Nabisco Honey Made® soft baked snack bars are packed with whole grains and real bananas.

Nabisco Ritz® Chips has two new varieties — Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion.

These items are oven baked to deliver the satisfying crunch and texture of a chip. Loaded with bold and tangy flavor in every oven-toasted bite, they have 40 percent less fat than regular fried potato chips. Call 800-852-9393;

Lance Inc.

Hot Fries made with Texas Pete branded hot sauce comes in a 1-ounce bag. Call 704-643-8349;

Nature’s Path Foods

Organic toaster pastries have organic whole grain flour and real organic fruit fillings. They contain no hydrogenated or trans fats. The pastries are packed in twos with six to a box, and they do not require refrigeration. Flavors include: strawberry, blueberry and apple cinnamon.

The EnviroKidz USDA certified organic products include cereals, waffles, cereal bars and animal cookies that are 95 percent or more organic.

The Lifestream line includes natural waffles, organic waffles, and organic pasta. Call 360-332-2266;

O’Brien’s Meat Snacks

Hannah’s Red Hot Sausage in a 0.875-ounce pack is made with beef and chicken and is pickled in a vinegar solution. Call 402-291-3600;

PepsiCo Foodservice

Oh Boy! Oberto® teriyaki natural style beef jerky comes in a 9-ounce pack.

Lay’s® Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® chips feature zero trans fat and comes in 1- and 1.5-ounce bags.

Fritos™ Flamin’ Hot® corn chips feature zero trans fat and comes in a 2-ounce bag. FritoLay® Cheetos cheddar cheese on golden-toast-flavored crackers comes in 1.6-ounce bags. Call 800-HI-TURNS;

Perfetti Van Melle

Air Head candy comes in 2-ounce packs, four bars to a pack, in two flavors: sours and regular. Mentos fruit rolls come in two flavors: fruit and mint. Call 859-283-6965;

Physicians Laboratories

Revival® doctor-formulated, soy protein bar comes in three varieties: chocolate peanut butter Paradise™ bar, Autumn Apple Frost™ bar, and chocolate raspberry Zing™ bar. Revival Chips come in three varieties: jalapeno and cheddar chips, barbecue chips and apple pie chips. There is also a weight guide at Call 800-738-4825;

Poore Brothers Inc.

Clamato Tortilla Chips are the zesty tomato flavor from the popular seafood blend beverage/mixer. Clamato is a popular beverage in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Cuba or any South American or Caribbean country. Clamato Tortilla Chips in 1- and 1.75-ounce bags capitalize on the popularity of tomato/ketchup with a “kick,” and the increasing U.S. acceptance of Mexican foods, with the general population increase of Mexican Americans in the workplace that have access to vending machines.

Tato Skins Steak and Potato in 1- and 1.75-ounce bags have meat and potatoes seasoning on the popular potato-based snack. Call 770-941-3355;

Rich’s Jon Donaire Desserts

Single-serve desserts individually wrapped include: 3.5-ounce candy bar cheesecake; 3.5-ounce chocolate chip cookie cheesecake; 3.25-ounce Oreo® cheesecake; 3.5-ounce baked New York cheesecake; 3.5-ounce strawberry swirl cheesecake; 3.75-ounce chocolate fudge torte; and 3.5-ounce cream style cheesecake. Call 877-388-2473;

Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis Spunkmeyer 4-ounce and 2.25-ounce muffins now include 35-day shelf life. Call 800-838-1900;

Promotion In Motion Inc.

Flamin’ Hot Heads cherry cinnamon candies in a 4-ounce box. Call 201-784-5800;


Bagged snacks include: Boston baked beans; coconut toffee peanuts; yogurt pretzels; gummy bears; gummy worms; and sour worms. Call 510-568-8137;

Schwan’s Food Service Inc.

Heidi’s Gourmet Desserts include the following pies: Oreo® cookies and crème in 3-ounce pack; Reese’s® peanut butter cup in 2.5-ounce pack; M&M’s® brownie in 2.5-ounce pack; New York style cheesecake in 2.8-ounce pack.

Mrs. Smith’s pies include: lattice apple pie in 4.05-ounce pack; Southern pecan pie in 3.35-ounce pack; meringue pie in 2.85-ounce pack; strawberry cream cheese in 2.75-ounce pack; and key lime pie in 3.25-ounce pack.

Edwards® chocolate sundae pie comes in a 2.65-ounce pack. Call 877-302-7426;

Snyder’s of Hanover

Bite-size peanut butter pretzel sandwiches contain creamy peanut butter sandwiched between small, round-shaped crispy pretzels in 2.125-ounce bags. They have zero grams of trans fat. Call 800-233-7125; ext. 5696;

Stacy’s Pita Chip Co.

Bagel chips in 6-ounce bags feature low fat, no cholesterol, no trans fats, no saturated fat and are baked, not fried. The snacks feature six-month shelf life. Varieties include: simply baked, marble rye, everything, whole wheat and toasted garlic. Call 888-332-4477;

Sturgis Pretzel House

The 1.5-ounce flavored pretzels in 1.5-ounce bags come in the following flavors: buffalo wing; honey mustard and onion; cheddar ranch; jalapeno; and New York deli rye. The 1.5-ounce Player’s Pretzels come in the following flavors: plain; buffalo wing; honey mustard and onion; cheddar ranch; jalapeno; and New York deli rye. Call 609-597-2700;

Sugar Foods Corp.

SuperSnax salted snacks are available in 1.5- and 1-ounce bags and meet nutritional rules of many school districts. These products contain less than 30 percent total calories from fat, less than 35 percent added sugar, no more than 10 percent total calories from saturated fat, no artificial colors or preservatives, and six-month shelf life. Varieties include: Blazin’ Hot Pretzel Poppers; Cheezy Nacho Pretzel Poppers; Cool Ranch Pretzel Poppers; Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel Poppers; Zesty Pizza Pretzel Poppers; Cinnamon Toast Bites; Wild Things Animal Crackers; and Caramel Almond Crunchers. Call 866-343-7629;

Top Marketing Group

Garfield’s Chocobites peanut chocolate candies in 1.74-ounce bags offer fresh roasted peanuts in rich chocolate coating and the Garfield cat character.

Garfield’s Chocobites Chocolate Candies come in a 1.74-ounce bag. The candies feature 10-month shelf life. Call 941-761-7507.

Van Wyk Confections

The One Dollar® Bar is 2.25 ounces and designed for a dollar vend. It comes in two flavors: creamy caramel and mint chocolate. Call 888-465-5141;


Welch’s Dried Fruit offers real fruit in 1.5-ounce peg bags in the following flavors: apricots, mixed fruit, and tropical sensations. Call 978-371-1000;

Amino Vital

Sports supplemental drinks Amino® Vital Puredge in 8-ounce bottles include two new flavors: citrus orange and fruit punch. Call 888-264-6673l;

Coca Cola Co.

Full Throttle energy drink in 16-ounce cans contains ginseng extract, caffeine, taurine, guarana extract, and B-vitamins.

Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke will feature a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). Both Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Black Cherry Vanilla Coke will be available in a range of package sizes and will be supported by a variety of marketing programs.

Powerade Option provides electrolytes and B-complex vitamins at levels comparable to regular Powerade, but with fewer carbohydrates and 80 percent fewer calories than Gatorade®. Powerade Option, which is sweetened with a blend of sucralose, Ace-K and HFCS, contains 10 calories and 2 carbohydrates per 8-fluid-ounce serving. Powerade Option will be available in strawberry, black cherry and lemon flavors, and will be found in the sports drink section of supermarkets, mass retail locations, convenience stores and vending machines.

Fresca will be given a fresh, contemporary look, including a new logo and new packaging graphics. Two new flavors — sparkling peach citrus Fresca and sparkling black cherry citrus Fresca — will also be introduced as zero calorie line extensions to the brand. All three Fresca flavors will be available in a variety of packaging sizes, including 12-ounce cans, 20-ounce bottles, 2-liter bottles and multican packs. Call 404-676-2121;

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages

7-Up Plus with Splenda in a 12-ounce can comes in two flavors: island fruit flavor, featuring 150 grams of fruit juice calcium, and cherry. Call 972-673-7000;

Florida’s Natural Products

All-natural, calcium fortified juices and juice drinks with no added sweeteners include: fruit medley juice in 11.5-ounce aluminum can; citrus punch in 11.5-ounce aluminum can; and fruit medley juice in 16-ounce PET bottle. Call 800-237-7805 ext. 3473;

Honest Tea

Ready-to-drink organic iced tea low in calories offers antioxidants, and is lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. The bottle is fully recyclable and presents eye-catching graphics. Varieties include: honey green; vanilla mint white tea; black forest berry; green dragon tea; orange black with twist of organic lemon; and organic black tea with peach puree. Call 800-865-4736;

Kan Pak

Cool Java iced frozen coffee solutions are a blend of pure coffee extracts and ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Products are aseptically packaged, so no refrigeration is needed during shipping and storage. Frozen cappuccinos are available in individual portion packs, pouch packs and bag-in-box formats. Iced cappuccino is available in bulk, bag-in-box format that will fit in major refrigerated dispensers. Iced cappuccino is also available in plastic bottles with full-wrap labels.

Native Planet® milk and soy beverage is available in 11-ounce plastic bottles with no preservatives and in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Call 800-378-1265;

Monarch Beverage Co.

Dad’s Root Beer comes in 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles.

All Sport® Plus offers hydration combined with nutritional supplements, including glucosamine and chondroitin for joint flexibility. Orange and lemon lime flavors are available in 20-ounce bottles.

All Sport ®Body Quencher comes in four flavors.

All Sport® Zero is formulated with salts and minerals and has no calories, no carbohydrates and no sugars. Call 404-262-4040;

Nestlé Waters North America

Super C Energy is a vitamin supplement that comes in a 3-ounce pack that is mixed with water and is low in calories, sugar and carbohydrates. There are 1,000 mg of supplement per pack. Super C is available in two flavors, orange and berry. Call 800-886-7425;


New in 20.25-ounce plastic bottles: Grapefruit Jarritos and Pineapple piña. Call 951-695-4425;

Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms extended shelf life milk is now available in 8-ounce plastic bottles in two varieties: 2 percent white milk and 2 percent chocolate milk. The product has 82 day code life. Call 800-388-3247;

Shasta Sales Inc.

Rip It Energy Fuel is fortified with vitamins C, B6, B12 and folic acid, as well as 1,000 mg taurine.

It comes in 16- and 8-ounce cans. Varieties include Power regular, Power zero calorie, Citrus X regular and Citrus X zero calorie. There is a merchandising support program. Call 866-280-0179;

ConAgra Foodservice

Generation 7 Fries made by Lamb Weston maximizes potato solids and natural potato flavor while slashing cooking time by up to


Faygo 10283841
Non-carbonated beverages

Shasta / Faygo Vending Sales (National Beverage Corp.)

June 16, 2011
We are a National Full line Beverage Company offering a great tasting, value added array of beverages, to meet the needs of consumers:Carbonated Soft Drinks: Shasta/FaygoLaCroix...
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Crane Merchandising Systems

June 1, 2011
Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products.
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Security systems and locks

TriTeq Lock and Security

May 2, 2011
Established in 1999, TriTeq Lock and Security has emerged as a trusted industry leader, delivering innovative security solutions. With a global presence in all 50 states and ...