A New Year Bings Automatic Merchandiser Bittersweet Changes

Jan. 14, 2008
That's What I Think

Talent and professionalism in publishing is much the same as it is in other industries. Those having it will always rise to the top and take a leadership role. Late last fall, our publisher, Gloria Cosby, was recruited by our parent company, Cygnus Business Media, to bring her skills to a new position of leadership. Gloria took on the added responsibility of a “brand director,” overseeing production of eight different print and interactive properties. And while this new opportunity brought with it different day-to-day challenges, it also meant relinquishing some of the day-to-day responsibilities required of a publisher.

A new role for an old face

In August of 2007, I stepped up to a new position as associate publisher to assist Gloria, and I have been working with her to learn the added responsibility of the publisher position. And now in 2008, it’s time to move up one more rung to the publisher spot. Now before I start getting all the e-mails and telephone calls, please know that Gloria is not going anywhere. I am happy to report that as a publisher, I will be a direct report to my new brand manager, Gloria Cosby. She can’t go too far from vending … it’s in her blood!

Almost a decade in vending

The coming year, 2008, will be my ninth here at Automatic Merchandiser. In the fall of 1999, I started as the classified sales representative in the inside sales department of Cygnus Business Media. One of the three properties I was assigned to sell on was Automatic Merchandiser. I started on a Monday and on Wednesday of that same week I left for my first NAMA Expo. Co-workers, exhibitors, attendees and NAMA staff all made that first expo very memorable. And going home with all those samples just made my family want me to travel more! In 2005, I left the inside sales department to accept a regional sales manager position on Automatic Merchandiser. And in 2006, I began overseeing the sales as the national sales manager. All this time I have had the good fortune to be mentored by someone who finds simple satisfaction in developing others, and I know she will continue to do so in her new role.

New Publisher Challenges

Moving forward, I am very excited about my new position. I truly enjoy working daily with my co-workers, the suppliers, the product and equipment manufacturers and most importantly, the vending and OCS operators that make our jobs possible. As was the practice in the past, I promise to continue to bring our subscribers the most up-to-date news and information on products, equipment, technology and trends that affect the industry. If you have something you want to discuss, let me know.

(And if you see Gloria, please tell her what a great job I’m doing!)