API Tech launches Smart Pizza In The USA

May 15, 2020

Editor's note: API Tech, a French company, is selling its smart vending machines in the USA. 

Created in 2004 and specialised in industrial automation, API Tech is a French company selling its Smart machines in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and the USA. ISO 9001 certified, the company has an in-house engineering department and works with experts in design, production, industrial automation, electric and IT. API Tech’s mission is to deliver turnkey products.

Since 2016, API Tech has strongly evolved in "food tech" by developing several Smart Machines. Smart Pizza and Smart Baguette have proven to be a tremendous success with bakers, pizzaiolos, and investors. According to Detlev Goedbloed, Business Development Manager USA at API Tech, the company is developing another Smart machine. He adds that it is very exciting to be part of a company that drives innovation.

Launch in the US

In 2019, API Tech opened an office in New York. As the largest pizza and vending market, the USA presents a huge opportunity for Smart Pizza. Detlev Goedbloedis currently looking for distributors to promote Smart Pizza throughout the country. He says: “It’s a great opportunity to diversify their offer, reach a new audience, and benefit by offering maintenance and accessories such as pizza boxes, trolleys and transport containers.”

Quality pizzas at all time

The Smart Pizza is a standalone vending machine that can hold 96 par-baked pizzas. Once a pizza is ordered either through a 24” touchscreen or the Smart Pizza App, the pizza gets a final cook using one of the two hearth ovens before being boxed up and dispensed. The Smart Pizza is positioned in a premium segment and is developed to offer 2 pizzeria-like pies in 3 minutes. Thanks to the unique baking method and API Tech’s technology, the system can handle 200 different types of pizza recipes and always offer a quality similar to a pizza served at a traditional Italian pizzeria.

Fresh pizzas anywhere, anytime, for anyone

The small footprint and the remote control access create the opportunity for the Smart Pizzas to be installed at many different locations. Operators will be most successful if the location has high foot traffic, is very accessible, and pizza lovers are looking for a quick bite 24/7. The Smart Pizzas do particularly well at gas stations, office buildings, hospitals, and schools.

Reliable Source of Income

The Smart Pizza is made with the highest quality materials so it can operate indoors and outdoors 24/7 without any worries. Detlev Goedbloed mentioned that the cover is fully customizable which makes it attractive for investors and pizza chains to franchise these under their own brand. Owning Smart Pizzas guarantees a reliable source of income for investors and restaurant owners. During the coronavirus crisis, the average monthly turnover was $11,750 per Smart Pizza machine which is an average of 45 pizzas sold per day. The best operated machines were selling 79 pizzas per day. These numbers equal an incredibly fast payback period.

Some of the Smart Pizza tools responsible for this significant increase in $$$ are:

  • Remote Management Software
  • Smart Pizza App
  • Contactless Payment System
  • Low Touch Ordering System
  • 24/7 Access to a Restaurant-Quality Pizza

Remote management

Smart Pizza is the only pizza vending machine equipped with hearth ovens. It is also the only one that can be completely managed by the operators. Thanks to a remote management system, the operators can manage to the Smart Pizza’s sales, temperature settings, pizza descriptions, promotions, and inventory by phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world (except for pizza replenish).