Forbes Discusses How Coca-Cola's AI Will Have Impact Beyond Vending Machines

Sept. 1, 2017

The Coca-Cola Co. is gearing up for the launch of its artificial intelligence powered smart digital vending machines. The new vending machines will encompass all the technology innovations consumers expect today, from buying using a smart phone without being at a physical device to seeing where the nearest Coca-Cola vending machine is and what personalized promotion they can take advantage of. This will have a larger impact than just driving consumers to use Coca-Cola vending machines, according Forbes. The technology also engages the consumer and gathers behavioral data that other companies are already benefiting from. The article cites McDonald's as an example, which benefited from data insights allowing it to modify its products to suit customer needs, which improved sales. Coca-Cola will be able to do that same and possibly save on operating costs as well. 


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