TriTeq Lock And Security Issued Five Novel US Patents

April 22, 2020

New remote food-safety innovation for unattended markets and micro markets  

April 16, 2020  

TriTeq Lock and Security announced the issuance of five US Patents that ensure the safety, security and protection of unsupervised markets and micro markets in a rapidly evolving industry. Technology and innovation presented in the FreshIQ® health timer lock, FreshTraq® remote cooler/freezer monitoring system and FreshPay® web payment and lock system keep consumers safe and customers satisfied.

US Patent numbers 10,520,242, 10,584,911, 10,584,912, 10,591,201 and 10,612,833 were issued between December 2019 and April 2020 and have patent terms through at least January of 2033. A related Canadian patent 2,844,382, issued March 20, 2018, has a patent term into 2033. The company currently has at least 4 additional US and Canadian patents pending, further expanding its intellectual property coverage.

“In December 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published its Supplement to the 2017 Food Code recommending food safety locking devices such as the FreshIQ® for unattended retail food establishments, reinforcing the need for consumer food safety in the rapidly expanding micro market segment,” said William Denison, CEO of TriTeq Lock and Security.

TriTeq’s patents comprise novel lock control aspects that allow consumers access to foods/drinks that are safe to consume and deny allowance to any potentially spoiled and/or contaminated items. These newly innovative monitoring mechanisms and electronic controls prioritize the safety of the customer and consumer.

Remote control, monitoring, and locking technology via FreshIQ®, FreshTraq®, and FreshPay® systems elevates customer-market compatibility.

For refrigeration and freezer manufacturers, installation has never been easier. TriTeq technology is compatible with virtually all foodservice merchandising equipment, making safety implementation simple and straightforward.

“Since 2013, TriTeq’s FreshIQ® device covered by one or more of the patents has been certified under the current National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Standard for the Sanitary Design & Construction Standard of Food and Beverage Machines, a certification required by almost every state Health Inspection Department in the US,” said Denison. “Our FreshPay® application covered by one or more of the issued and/or pending patents allows customers to safely purchase products without touching or interfacing with a public payment kiosk or check-out point.”

As demand for security in the rapidly expanding unattended market and micro market segment continues to soar, TriTeq has dedicated making customer and consumer safety its priority for over twenty years. Since 1999, the company has shipped over one million locks and accessories, supplying essential electronic control locks to the vending and food safety industry worldwide. 37 total patents cover their wide range of products all providing intelligent locking and monitoring solutions for overall marketplace and consumer security.

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FDA Guidance for Unattended Food Establishments


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