Vending Management Company Chooses Innovolt To Protect Its Vending Assets

April 26, 2013

IVM Inc., a premier international vending management and automated supply distribution company, recently announced an agreement with Innovolt® Inc., where IVM will purchase Innovolt’s products and license its technology to guard against power related disruptions experienced in vending equipment. These disruptions, including lockups in retrieval arms and dispensers, coin jams, transaction malfunctions and compressor failure, are costly to IVM’s customers. Innovolt is an industry leading provider of power protection through its Intelligent Asset Management technology, which directly addresses these disruptions. Through this partnership Innovolt’s technology will be implemented into vending platforms distributed by IVM to clients such as Facebook, Logitech and General Electric. Innovolt’s power management and protection technology will be deployed alongside IVM’s currently installed field assets, as well as outfitted as part of new projects shipping from IVM production facilities.

“Power fluctuations cause a host of disruptions for vending equipment so Innovolt’s technology platform is a perfect fit for an industry like vending where machine reliability is so crucial for revenue generation. We are very excited to be working with IVM,” stated Jeff Spence, COO and president of Innovolt, in a prepared statement. “With this partnership Innovolt makes a significant move into the vending market where our patented technology will provideoptimal protection for thistype of equipment, which needs to run regardless of the consistency or quality of the available power.”