UNEX Manufacturing Delivers Solutions For Warehouses That Are Running Low On Space

May 8, 2019

LAKEWOOD, N.J., May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, believes that warehouses and distribution centers are experiencing a perfect storm of needing more space to handle proliferating SKUs with low warehouse vacancy rates. As the e-commerce market continues to boom, distribution centers and warehouses are being stretched to the brim to handle more and more products.

“Businesses are searching for solutions to avoid having to build a new space or add on to their current footprint, which can be costly, especially in a market with huge raises in rents,” said Brian C. Neuwirth, President of UNEX Manufacturing. “Our clients benefit from UNEX carton flow solutions and storage systems that double and triple the capacity of SKUs in less space. The solution is to optimize existing warehouse space by increasing storage density, eliminating obsolete SKUs, reducing SKU quantities and re-slotting storage.”

Increase Storage Density

To increase storage density, companies can use UNEX SpeedCell, a dynamic, high-density storage solution that increases storage density by up to 60%. It transforms vacant flue space into usable, highly efficient storage space that results in greater SKU density for less travel. UNEX Flow Cell carton flow racks increase space utilization up to 50% and speed picking operations, which helps to get orders out the door and free up shelf space.

UNEX Span-Track features rollers, wheel beds, and/or shelving and is designed to assemble or drop into existing racks, carts, and shelves. SKU storage is up to 7 times denser per bay than pallet rack storage. Span-Track can have knuckled ends to help speed order picking. Tons of configurations and accessories are available to flexibly fit any operation.

Eliminate/Reduce/Re-Slot SKUs

Eliminate obsolete SKUs by selling off inventory at discounted prices, donate inventory to a charity that can use the items, or try to return the excess inventory to the vendor. Reduce quantities of SKUs by matching demand levels instead of just buying a large quantity of a discounted SKU. UNEX SKUBE slotting software analyzes material flows in the warehouse, determines the velocity of SKUs and decides where SKUs should be stored to optimize speed.

“UNEX can help free up space and maximize space utilization in your distribution center so you can store more inventory without having to expand or get a bigger space,” adds Brian. “One customer has UNEX racks going up 30 feet to better use the vertical space in their distribution center.”

About UNEX Manufacturing, Inc.

Founded in 1964, UNEX is the trusted industry leader in order picking solutions that maximize space usage, increase pick rates and improve ergonomics. UNEX offers a full range of order picking solutions, including their patented carton flow solution Span-Track, a full line of gravity conveyor products tailored to the order picking process and UNEX Flow Cells for durable, modular and portable storage for the manufacturing floor. For assembly and medium to small items,  UNEX SpeedCell is a dynamic, high-density storage solution that optimizes storage and pick space. Using an extensive distribution channel, the company ensures local support is available for every customer, no matter the location, exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement, customer service and empowered employees. UNEX is an ISO-certified company committed to quality and bringing value to customers in the wine & spirits distribution, food & beverage, retail and manufacturing industries. For more information, visit: www.unex.com


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