Bevi launches new Black Countertop Smart Water Cooler and updated flavors

April 15, 2024
The smart water cooler company continues to launch new products, reach new verticals and cross significant business and sustainability milestones.

Bevi, a leading designer of smart water coolers for commercial spaces, announced the launch of its newest product, the Black Countertop Smart Water Cooler along with new flavors, including an all-new Blood Orange flavor and improved Lemon, Raspberry and Grapefruit. Having reached over 6,000 customers across North America, including 30% of Fortune 1000 companies, Bevi continues to branch out into new verticals and expand its product offerings to accommodate increased customer demand while achieving major sustainability milestones. 

“Our latest offerings and continued growth are a testament to Bevi’s laser focus on providing our customers with the most sophisticated point-of-use water dispenser,” Sean Grundy, CEO and co-founder of Bevi, said in the announcement. “As we break into new verticals and expand our product offerings in 2024, we look forward to furthering our mission of providing a cost effective and sustainable alternative to bottled beverages, disrupting the beverage industry as we know it.”

The Black Countertop Smart Water Cooler is Bevi’s newest offering in its line of internet-connected water coolers. Now available in a sleek new colorway, the Countertop fits nicely into any smaller space, offering customers an intuitive and easy way to stay hydrated, with four slots for flavors and enhancements, and still and sparkling water options. With Bevi’s innovative, compact profile, and now two colorways, customers can choose the Bevi machine that seamlessly blends in – or stands out – in their unique space. Popular in the hospitality space, the Black Countertop Smart Water Cooler can be found in hotels where it provides both guests and employees with filtered, flavored and sparkling water on demand.

Bevi’s new Blood Orange flavor is crafted from real fruit essence and is inspired by the finest, sun-kissed blood oranges. Tropical and tangy, zero-calorie and unsweetened, Blood Orange delivers a zesty burst with every sip. In tandem with the new flavor, Bevi is also reintroducing its Lemon, Raspberry and Grapefruit flavors, with new recipes that deliver more flavor for healthy hydration.  

With the mission to unbottle the future and disrupt the bottled beverage industry, Bevi continues to expand into new verticals, including factories, warehouses, gyms, airport lounges and 24/7 distribution centers. Bevi machines are also located throughout hotels such as the Hyatt Regency, and in the amenity areas of multi-family real estate developments. As a result of this continued growth, Bevi launched its newest direct market in Dallas and has grown its employee headcount by over 50% in the past year to accommodate customer expansion. 

Reflecting its ethos for a greener world, Bevi released its inaugural sustainability impact report, outlining how plastic bottles are harming the environment, the company’s sustainability achievements in 2023, and its goals to fully eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Bevi recently crossed a major sustainability milestone, with its customers replacing and preventing over 500 million plastic bottles and cans from entering the global waste stream to date.


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