Farmer Brothers named exclusive distributor for SHOTT, maker of natural syrups

Feb. 13, 2024
Farmer Brothers partners with New Zealand-based SHOTT to bring natural syrups to North America.

SHOTT, a New Zealand-based maker of natural concentrated syrups for a wide range of beverage and food applications, is now available in the North American market. The brand will be distributed exclusively by Farmer Brothers in North America.

Farmer Brothers is a leading commercial roaster, wholesaler and distributor of coffee, tea and dispensed beverages. As the exclusive distributor for SHOTT, Farmer Brothers will bring the natural syrups to the foodservice industry.

Sourced from the finest ingredients and using a cold-brewed process, SHOTT’s natural flavors are concentrated and deliver flavors across a range of beverage types. The cold-brewed process results in a range of delicious shelf-stable foodservice concentrates. With a line of more than 100 unique flavors, SHOTT offers something to suit every taste and purpose spanning from flavors for coffee and tea, craft sodas and milkshakes to cocktails, mocktails and even desserts.

“One of SHOTT's key principles is sourcing ingredients of the highest quality,” Philip Carroll, head of sales for SHOTT, North America, said in the announcement. “Through close collaborations with farmers around the globe, SHOTT ensures its syrups capture the real flavors of nature in every bottle. By cultivating natural crops without pesticides or GMOs, SHOTT celebrates and embraces nature's true beauty, recognizing that these natural qualities give our flavors a truly real, genuine, and authentic taste.”

SHOTT has also developed tools and products that help businesses maintain consistency and profitability. The SHOTT “Made for You” stations use a systematic recipe approach for each beverage type, ensuring that every drink is made to the same high standard every time.