Swiss retailer Migros launches “coffee balls” coffeemaking system to replace capsules

Sept. 9, 2022
The innovation will roll out first in Switzerland and France this year, followed by Germany in 2023, with other markets to follow.

Migros is launching a coffee capsule system that works without a capsule – with a small, fully compostable ball of pressed coffee. CoffeeB has the amenities of conventional capsule systems but does not cause any waste. 

According to the announcement, the "Coffee Ball" is a small ball of pressed coffee, which is covered by a compostable, seaweed-derived protective layer that is tasteless and colorless. This gives the coffee ball stability, and it forms an oxygen barrier that protects against loss of aroma.

The system is complete with the CoffeeB Globe coffee machine with patented brewing technology. CoffeeB offers an individual selection of varieties and different degrees of strength. The Coffee Balls are available in eight flavors, and the CoffeeB Globe coffee machine is available in black or white.

The innovation is available throughout Switzerland and France, and it will be launched in Germany in 2023, with other markets to follow.