Hi-tech micro coffee roasting company changes name to ansā

Nov. 29, 2021

The company formerly known as Griin said it has changed its name to ansā, following an extensive rebranding study. Ansā, a Japanese word borrowed from English, means "answer" and hints at the company's role in reshaping the coffee supply chain.

By bringing green coffee roasting to the point of consumption, ansā said it is changing the commerce of coffee to provide a more environmentally friendly, fresher and better cup of coffee.

Based in Ramat Gan, Israel, ansā is a technology startup that describes itself as a pioneer in on-demand zero-pollution roasting. The company offers an onsite micro roasting appliance for the office coffee service sector. 

The company added that its branding campaign is also driving work on the product’s design and user interface, thereby creating a fully cohesive brand identity across all mediums and assets.

Liz Sella Tunis, the art director who led the branding process, said: “Based on nonindustrial roasting, the logo symbolizes the new and natural way to roast coffee, celebrating natural motives, using soft shapes and the leaf of the true star – the coffee plant. The color palette and the visual language support the messaging of quality, freshness, sustainability, and transparency." 

Ansā's roasting solution is meant to eliminate unnecessary transatlantic transportation. It is designed to reduce the waste and energy required for packaging, transportation and roasting raw coffee beans.

“We are thrilled to have found the best representation of who we are as a company. The new brand is the flag of the nonindustrial coffee revolution!” said Jonathan Scharf, ansā cofounder and COO.

The company's proprietary, patent-pending technology uses AI to "orchestrate the perfect roasting of green coffee beans" onsite. At scale, its solution has the potential of decentralizing the coffee supply chain, leading to a more balanced profit share for coffee producers and resellers, while improving various aspects of sustainability.


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