Mr. Espresso Launches Single-Serve Steeped Coffee

Nov. 19, 2020

The second-generation coffee roaster brings craft coffee to a single-serve bag.  

November 16, 2020 (Oakland, Calif.) -- Mr. Espresso, an Oakland-based, family-owned and operated business that has been roasting and distributing traditional Italian oak wood roasted coffee to San Francisco Bay Area retailers, cafes and restaurants for more than 40 years, is pleased to add a new innovation, Steeped Coffee, to its product line. Steeped is a single-use, single-serve, compostable coffee bag filled with Mr. Espresso’s popular Fair Trade/Organic Seven Bridges Blend.

Sold as a package of eight, each of Mr. Espresso’s individually packaged coffee bags are used like tea bags, making them ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, airlines and any business that wants to support social distancing and provide a minimal contact solution for guests and employees. Simply add hot water, submerge, saturate and steep for a delicious pour-over/French-press hybrid coffee experience.

“More than 40 years after the company’s founding, Mr. Espresso is still committed to the traditions that help define us, yet keeping an eye on the present and future,,” said Mr. Espresso Vice President Luigi Di Ruocco. “Steeped allows us to use cutting-edge packaging technology to create a portable coffee experience that doesn’t compromise quality, is environmentally conscious and is friendly to social distancing measures.”

Each Mr. Espresso-branded pouch is made using guilt-free, compostable packaging and is nitro-sealed to ensure uncompromised flavor and quality. Inside the pack is a biodegradable woven steeping bag that acts as a full-immersion filter. Each bag is ultrasonically sealed without glues or staples and contains precision ground, pre-dosed coffee for consistency.

Mr. Espresso’s Seven Bridges is a blend of Fair Trade/Organic certified coffees. A favorite among customers and chefs alike, Seven Bridges has a full-bodied flavor profile, offering depth and balance. The blend is named for the seven bridges that keep the San Francisco Bay Area connected and pays homage to the diversity of people and tastes in the Bay Area.

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Established in 1978, Mr. Espresso is an Oakland-based, specialty coffee roaster that has stayed true to the Italian roots of founder and president, Carlo Di Ruocco. It is the only major U.S. coffee company to use traditional wood-roasting methods exclusively. This technique produces heat with a high moisture content, ideal for slow roasting, increasing the retention of natural oils and producing a complex and full-bodied espresso with less acidity. Offering wholesale beans, high-quality espresso equipment, and service and training support, Mr. Espresso made its mark as one of the first full-service coffee wholesalers in the market, quickly becoming a trusted supplier to numerous restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses around the San Francisco Bay and throughout the U.S.

Favored for its balanced, flavorful roasts and smooth mouthfeel, Mr. Espresso continues to produce the authentic Italian espresso experience — while staying on-trend and innovative within the contemporary coffee landscape. Mr. Espresso celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018. Along with many accolades for its highly rated coffees, founder Carlo Di Ruocco was awarded the 2015 Alfred Peet Passionate Cup, one of the Specialty Coffee Association’s most prestigious awards. For more information, visit as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.