Perfect Servings® Coffee Condiment Dispensers Incorporate Anti-Microbial Touch Pads

Oct. 15, 2020

United Food Group announces that Perfect Servings coffee condiment dispensers will now include an anti-microbial touch pad with new dispensers. Retrofits are available for existing equipment.  

ELGIN, Ill., Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In efforts to reduce bacteria and germs on surfaces, United Food Group, Inc., the manufacturer of the Perfect Servings® coffee condiment dispensers, has incorporated an anti-microbial touch pad in all of its new dispensers and retrofits for existing equipment.  The technology in the Perfect Servings® touchpad is a polymer biofilm that eliminates bacteria between uses.  The thousands of Perfect Servings® that are currently in use can also be retrofitted with the new Stayz Kleen™ overlay in seconds.

"With the introduction of our new Stayz Kleen™ touchpads, we are doing all we can to make our customers feel safe while using our equipment at coffee stations around the country," says Bryan Real, president of United Food Group.

In the past few months, all types of beverage equipment have been introduced requiring mobile apps to dispense a drink to avoid touching the machine.  "We feel when you add complexity to such a simple process, you are asking for service issues as well as defeating the purpose of speeding up coffee lines at beverage centers," says Real.  "We know that our new Bio-Film touchpads are keeping our customers as safe as possible", says Bob Long, product engineer at United Food Group, Inc. 

United Food Group, Inc based in Elgin, IL is a manufacturer and of dry powder mixes and proprietary dispensing equipment focusing on the hot and cold beverage category in multiple classes of trade. United Food Group's core business also co-packs various food products for all classes of trade.