Health Experts Say Reusable Coffee Cups Are Safe To Use During COVID-19

June 25, 2020

Comunicaffe reports that more than 100 international health experts have signed a statement that says reusable coffee cups are safe to use during the COVID-19 pandemic. The list of experts, which includes epidemiologies, biologists, virologists, chemists and doctors from 19 countries, stated that reusable coffee containers are as safe as single-use coffee containers as long as the user is employing basic hygiene. You can view the full statement here


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Starbucks Reports 150% Increase In Reusable Cup Use In UK

April 27, 2018
Thursday 26th April: Starbucks reveals results from the first six weeks of a three-month trial, evaluating the impact of a 5p paper cup charge in 35 stores[1] across the City,...