Hawaiian Cool Water Acquires Coffee Systems Hawaii

Jan. 17, 2019
Merger of Hawaii's largest provider of water filtration systems and Coffee Systems Hawaii triples size of company and adds new coffee and tea equipment and services

HONOLULU, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hawaiian Cool Water, LLC (HCW), Hawaii's largest provider and servicer of water filtration and purification systems, has acquired Coffee Systems Hawaii (CSH). The deal merges the companies' assets and employees, including CSH's 6000-sq.ft. headquarters. All CSH's current employees will be joining Hawaiian Cool Water.

The acquisition triples the size of HCW and adds a coffee, tea, equipment, accessories and service division. Owner Mike Hernandez-Soria said, "We've been moving into more and more sophisticated water-related services for Hawaiibusinesses and facilities; adding breakroom services aligns perfectly with our expansion."

HCW will rebrand to reflect recent growth, with an anticipated roll-out in the first quarter of 2019.

Founded 50 years ago, CSH is Hawaii's only: Keurig Authorized Commercial Distributor, Nespresso commercial distributor to offices, and Starbucks Preferred Office Coffee Provider. Stacy & Chaney Carnes, who have been with CSH for 25 years, said, "As we embark on our second half-century, we are excited to have Mike and his team help carry on the CSH legacy. We look forward to working together to keep Hawaii's workforce well-hydrated…and well-caffeinated."

Founded in 2012 as a home-grown business based out of Hernandez-Soria's garage, HCW has expanded steadily. Clients include The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific Health and over 1000 businesses statewide.

About Hawaiian Cool Water

Owner Mike Hernandez-Soria worked passionately to develop the proprietary filtration systems at the heart of all HCW products and services. This technology creates the ideal purification process, in which readily available municipal water is purified on-site, as it's dispensed. No more cumbersome water jugs to deliver, lift, store, or wait for. No more plastic water bottles clogging oceans.  

HCW's systems are also designed to address the unique properties of Hawaii's groundwater, which is unlike any in the nation with challenges not addressed by the industry's larger companies. Proper filtration reduces the need for repair and replacement of equipment, of importance in the cooling and foodservice industries where water undergoes phase changes—and where Hawaii's remoteness makes repairs of specialty equipment even more burdensome. Proper water filtration ensures clients have pure, great tasting water, coffee and ice, and keeps their equipment working better longer. For more information, click here.

For information about Coffee Systems Hawaii, click here.


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