White Coffee Launches New Fall Flavors For Foodservice

Sept. 20, 2018

Nothing takes the chill off on a "September Morn" like a freshly brewed cup or pot of premium coffee. And in today's fast-paced business world, the office is expected to deliver quality brews just like the ones enjoyed at home or in your favorite coffee shop. 

White Coffee brings its roasting and blending talents to bear on the important food service segment with a number of proprietary and branded entries this fall. For example, Entenmann's ® brand coffees in 24-count environmentally friendly pods and K-cups are available through office supply delivery services nationwide. Alternatively, workers can share shoptalk around the coffee pot—White Coffee's "Freakin' Awesome" brand coffee comes in 3oz. full pot packages and is certified 100% USDA organic. Freakin' Awesome is also sold in 10-count K-cups. 

"New brewing systems and better, environmentally-friendly machines for office coffee service are available in the workplace and make great coffee essential; high expectations must be met," says Jonathan White, Executive Vice President of White Coffee Corporation. White Coffee offers environmentally sound, biodegradable pods, across a number of its offerings. 

According to the National Coffee Association's "Breakout Report: Coffee at Work," in 2018, 85% of workers say they are "very/somewhat" satisfied with the brewing options in their workplace coffee area. Coffee brings everyone in the office together. Monster.com, the global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employment recruitment states, "Coffee is one of the most ubiquitous and unifying products in the world" and highlights the following eight reasons why a cup of Joe is so popular1: 

1. It keeps you alert  
2. Coffee breaks improve productivity  
3. It may help you live longer  
4. It can reduce pain for desk workers 
5. Coffee is social  
6. Your colleagues drink a lot of it 
7. It can reduce sleep-deprived stress  
8. It keeps you trim 

About White Coffee Corporation 
White Coffee Corporation is based in Long Island City, NY and is a third-generation, certified woman-owned business, in operation since 1939. As a core part of its coffee offerings, White Coffee is proud of its collaboration with prominent licensed brands. These coffee products are available in retail outlets throughout the United States, on-line at www.whitecoffee.com or call (800) 221-0140 for more information. 



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