Barrie House Reaches Industry Milestone, 78% Of Coffee Portfolio Now Organic Fair Trade

Jan. 19, 2017

ELMSFORD, NY (PRWEB) JANUARY 19, 2017—Barrie House coffee portfolio is now a majority of organic fair trade and is transitioning most of its current products to organic fair trade coffees. 

The small-batch, artisanal roaster makes hundreds of different coffees and has consistently maintained to understand their customers’ palates and sensibilities. Through the years Barrie House has included more and more certified coffees and has become a certified organic manufacturer. 

“We depend on the finest quality of green coffee to make our products. Participating in the broader movement of appreciating and understanding where our coffee comes from and how it’s made, is very meaningful to us,” says David Goldstein, CEO. 

Barrie House has been a Fair Trade Partner since 2011. “The commitment to sustainable coffee is a considerable undertaking,” says Mr. Goldstein, “As a top Fair Trade Partner we stand behind the goals the Fair Trade Organization is stewarding:  

  • Fair prices to farmers 
  • Coffee free of GMO and hazardous chemicals 
  • Disabling child labor exploitation 

“We seek to work with producers who are committed to ensuring high-quality processing and investing back in their farms, which sometime means improving their communities. 

“In transitioning the majority of our coffee portfolio to organic fair trade we transition with our customers who are increasingly exhibiting a heighten awareness when making purchasing choices for certified organic fair trade, artisanal coffee at competitive prices. In doing so they too participate along with coffee growers and small-batch roasters in the sustainability cycle of future coffee production.”