Unified Strategies Group Expands Portfolio Of OCS Programs

Oct. 28, 2015

While maintaining its leadership in providing value to independent vending, micro market and food service operators, Unified Strategies Group (USG) has substantially expanded its programming for the independent office coffee service operators in the US.  USG is bringing value to the OCS operators through a combination of negotiated pricing and exclusive rebates.  USG currently offers more than 30 OCS programs to its membership!

USG has secured programs with 10 regional and national coffee roasters as well as with the two leading retail coffee brands.  USG offers 7 programs with single-cup and pod manufacturers to provide value in this rapidly growing industry segment.  USG members can earn substantial discounts and rebates on tea, sugar, creamer, cappuccino powders and sugar substitutes.  Cups are a big factor in OCS and USG now has three programs including great pricing and a rebate on biodegradable cups.  The USG portfolio of programs also includes rebates on OCS equipment, OCS parts and OCS distributors.

USG provides independent operators with the tools to achieve a best in class cost of goods.  For more information, please see the USG Team at the CoffeeTea&Water Show or contact USG at [email protected].


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Unified Strategies Group Offers Seminars At The CTW Show

Oct. 27, 2015
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