VE Global Solutions Introduces New Single Serve Cup Solution, Trophy

Oct. 22, 2015

VE Global Solutions in a partnership with SGL introduces Trophy to the USA. Compact, elegant and easy to use, Trophy is specially designed to fulfill the needs of offices of more than 10 people.

Trophy is a real eye-catcher, thanks to its elegant design and sinuous lines, which complement any environment. It’s also notable for its ease of use: Trophy boasts a 3.5 inch touch screen, which can be customized via USB.

Trophy comes in two models: Plumbed-In and Pour-Over (with an internal water tank).

The machine uses capsules, and is compatible with RealCup™ and K-Cup®*; capsules designed specifically to deliver American style beverages, containing 9-11 grams of coffee. Capsule ejection is automatic.

The Trophy Plus offers even more by the addition of soluble products, giving the user a huge choice of drinks. There’s coffee (light roast, dark roast, hazelnut flavoured, vanilla, cinnamon… There’s tea: that’s black tea, green tea, fruit-flavored tea, camomile tea and countless other infusions, as well, of course, as chocolate. 

Thanks to its exclusive Thermoblock heating system, Trophy can be set to different temperatures for different drinks, maximizing brewing efficiency and saving energy. The same benefits apply to cold versions of tea and coffee, too, which are served in a glass with ice.

VE Global Solutions is a leading distributor of N&W products. Located in Cleveland, Ohio at 8700 Brookpark Road. 


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