Peet’s Launches Cold Brew Coffee In Its Cafes Nationwide

June 5, 2015

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Peet’s Coffee is now offering cold brew coffee in all Peet’s café locations nationwide. All of Peet’s iced coffee drinks are now made using its new cold brew method, replacing the traditional process of hot brewed coffee that is chilled with ice. Also, starting today, Peet’s is introducing The Black Tie, a sweet, creamy cold brew drink inspired by Vietnamese and New Orleans traditions.

Peet’s Cold Brew Process

Peet’s cold brew coffee is made by steeping fresh, ground coffee in cold, filtered water for at least 12 hours. Since no heat is used during brewing, the brighter, acidic tones of hot-brewed coffee are muted. The result is a smoother, naturally sweeter and refreshingly bright iced coffee with less acidity and bitterness. Peet’s cold brew coffee drinks are made using its signature Baridi Blend, featuring East African beans from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda, which are roasted specifically for iced coffee.

“Iced coffee is a cultural phenomenon and the accelerated popularity of cold brew, especially among millennials, is similar to the early craft beer movement,” said Tyler Ricks, chief marketing officer of Peet’s Coffee. “Peet’s started the craft coffee revolution nearly 50 years ago, and we’ve applied our expertise to craft a special cold brew that stands apart from the competition. In fact, we’re deliberately making our cold brew process the ‘new standard’ for all Peet’s iced coffee drinks moving forward as it delivers a smoother, naturally sweeter, and better cup of iced coffee.”

The Black Tie: Peet’s New, Featured Cold Brew Drink

Peet’s is premiering The Black Tie, its new, featured handcrafted cold brew beverage. Inspired by Vietnamese and New Orleans coffee traditions, The Black Tie is a sweet, creamy, refreshing drink made with Baridi cold brew coffee, sweetened condensed milk, house-made chicory simple syrup, and fresh half-and-half.

Peet’s Strong Growth

Peet’s Coffee continues to accelerate its growth in the U.S. premium coffee market. The company has tripled its growth rate over the past few years, adding $200 million in revenue since January 2013. Peet’s also continues to drive more growth in the iced coffee category. In addition to cold brew coffee, Peet’s introduced its new blended iced beverage, Javiva, in late March, which has outperformed its previous Freddo drink by 67 percent in sales.

Peet’s Cold Brew Iced Coffee, The Black Tie and Javiva are available in approximately 400 Peet’s cafés across the U.S., which includes 250 Peet’s retail stores and over 140 licensed partner locations. Visit Peet’s website to access the full store list.