Report: High-Quality Employer Supplied Coffee A Step Towards Workplace Nirvana

April 15, 2015

ROCKVILLE, Md., April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Coffee—especially high quality and gourmet coffee—makes the business world go round, according to market research publisher Packaged Facts in the company's latest report. This is especially true when employers take initiative to provide employees with their caffeinated beverage of choice. Not only does it boost employee morale, but also benefits companies by avoiding money and time lost when employees venture offsite to satisfy their coffee cravings.

Packaged Facts survey data reveals that on a 5-point scale of importance, coffee positively influences employee workday productivity—ranking a 3.9. For businesses this means that office coffee is beneficial in the workplace, and increases in productivity should provide reason for employer paid office coffee. The findings were published in Office Coffee Service in the U.S.: Market Trends and Opportunities, 2nd Edition. To purchase the report or for more information visit here.

Restaurants are naturally a very tempting option for coffee consuming employees both because so many may be in convenient proximity to the workplace and because the quality of coffee may be superior to anything offered on site at the office—assuming coffee is provided in the workplace at all. Therefore, the key for office coffee service providers involves emphasizing to clients and prospects the benefits of keeping employees on site: every minute an employee stays on site can be a minute of productivity gained. As food for thought, Packaged Facts estimates that trips offsite for coffee could translate to $1,563 of lost work time annually per daily coffee drinking employee.

In addition, quality office coffee platform can help employers communicate to their employees that they are valued and appreciated, in essence that they are worthy of a good cup of Joe. Industry players in the $4.5 billion office coffee service market can therefore promote pod coffee as a way for businesses to leverage a high-quality coffee platform in the workplace. Coffee pods/k-cups offer a premium, personalized coffee experience. To help larger companies embrace the higher cost associated with pod coffee, marketers can point to increased productivity, improved employee morale, reduction in waste, and sanitary benefits, notes David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts.

Further, Packaged Facts' findings indicate that continued opportunity exists for office coffee service providers to blend a wider variety of beverage options speaking to health and wellness, including filtered/bottled water and tea. Healthier beverage options are an essential area of focus because more and more employees have access to wellness programs: In 2014, some 37% of workers had access to wellness programs, up six percentage points from 31% in 2010, continuing a longer-term trend.

Office Coffee Service in the U.S.: Market Trends and Opportunities, 2nd Edition provides insight on opportunities, challenges and trends shaping the U.S. office coffee service market. Scope of analysis is centered on office coffee service provision and full-time employed office coffee usage and attitudes. 

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