FNC, Pur Project Will Plant Five Million Native Trees In Colombian Coffee Growing Areas

March 23, 2015

Bogota, March 11 2015 (FNC Press)– The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has consistently worked to generate value to coffee growing communities by partnering with public and private actors. Under this framework, and with the support of Nespresso, the FNC and Pur Project, signed an agreement that seeks to increase the environmental, social and economic sustainability of coffee growing and to reduce the industry’s carbon emissions at a global scale.

The goal is to plant 5 million trees over the next five years in Colombian coffee growing areas. This promising initiative is part Nespresso’s global commitment to plant 10 million trees, by 2020, in different coffee growing countries including Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico and Nicaragua.

The fact that almost half of Nespresso’s trees will be planted in Colombia reveals the country’s leadership in working hand in hand with global players. According to Tristan Lecomte, cofounder and President of Pur Project, “The FNC is a global benchmark. No other organization comes close to it in the social, environmental, economic and political spheres. We are proud to be able to work for Colombian coffee growers. Thank you very much for trusting us.”

Lecomte noted that smallholder coffee growers are isolated and scattered in other countries where Pur Project operates. Given that they can’t rely on the support and organizational capacity of an institution such as the FNC, it is difficult to engage in large-scale projects.

Luis F. Acero, the FNC’s Chief Operating Officer, acknowledged the support of Pur Project and Nespresso. “This project, which begins by planting 350,000 new trees, is the seed for us to keep working together. We have huge environmental challenges and the FNC has always led the way. It’s an optimal partnership in which all sides are winners.”

Mr. Acero also noted that this agreement illustrates the convenience of collaborating with international partners. Thanks to the FNC’s institutional network, agreements can be quickly executed with a high level of acceptance among producers. In 2014, the FNC executed resources for approximately $80 million through cooperation agreements with domestic and international partners.

“The success of a project such as this one depends on organized producers who are eager to adapt to new technology, share common goals and understand that these programs bring added value to their region and to coffee,” concluded Mr. Acero.

About the FNC

The FNC was founded in 1927 and today more than 560,000 Colombian coffee growers are members of the organization. Leaded by a vision of environmental, economic and social sustainability, its mission is to work for the welfare of Colombian coffee growers and their families. In order to do so, the FNC provides public goods and services and develops specific programs and strategies that help coffee growers ascent in the value chain.

About Pur Project

Pur Projet is a collective of associated structures that assists companies in incorporating climate issues into their institutional essence and businesses, mainly through the regeneration and preservation of ecosystems (agroforestry, reforestation, forest conservation).

About Nespresso

Nespresso is one of the major players in the global coffee industry. It is a leader in the marketing of the highest quality coffee capsules and a pioneer in the development of machinery and preparation accessories for coffee pods.