VE Global Solutions Releases New Coffee Machine

June 3, 2014

VE Global Solutions is proud to announce the newest addition to its coffee machine family, the Krea.

The Krea offers:

  • A NEW brewing technology: We can now produce a high quality espresso and drip style coffee in the same machine - high pressure for the espresso and low pressure for the drip coffee.
  • A better taste: This brewer can pre-infuse, then steep the coffee before the brewing process starts, further enhancing the quality of the beverage.
  • Versatility: The variable chamber brewer can hold 8-15 grams of coffee per drink, giving you the flexibility to change the amount of coffee to match the drink.
  • Variety: Two coffee hoppers and four soluble hoppers allows you to brew both regular and decaf, then add an extra soluble or two different brewed coffees and instant decaf. It can prepare an 8, 10, or 12-ounce drink.
  • Solid construction: Reversible 24-volt DC motors, eliminating brewer jams.
  • Modern electronics: Easy to program, one push button for 10 direct selections. The machine stores your default settings.
  • Unique design: Attractive and modern machine with aluminum panels, chromate buttons and a 4-line LED display allowing you to promote your company’s message.
  • Reliability: The same quality you’ve come to know with VE Global Solutions, with a two-year parts warranty.
  • Easy to clean: Color-coded parts take the guess work out of cleaning 

Krea is the ideal solution for medium to large offices and locations where quality coffee, reliability and contemporary design are paramount. Benefitting from Necta’s latest espresso brewing and instant freemix technology you can expect the best quality drinks all day long. The modern and elegant design is highlighted by the LED lights, chromium-plated selection buttons and striking side panels. In addition, the perfectly balanced coffee hopper and waste container capacities guarantee the highest level of operational efficiency.
If you have questions or would like more information about the Krea and VE Global Solutions, contact Dale Dardis, 216.990.4300.


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