RealCup™ Introduces EcoCup™ Recyclable Capsule For Coffee, Tea

April 10, 2014

RealCup™ is changing the single-serve hot beverage industry with the launch of EcoCup™, a new recyclable capsule that's compatible with all K-cup® brewers, according to the release. EcoCup™ capsules are initially available for premium loose-leaf tea brands, including Higgins & Burke® on-sale now and Numi® coming in the summer. EcoCup™ capsules with single-serve coffee brands, including Marley Coffee®, will be available in 2015.

"While other companies are aiming to offer recyclable capsules by 2020, our EcoCup™ capsule launch for loose-leaf tea is the first step in making this a present-day reality. In just months we'll reach our next milestone of bringing EcoCup™ to single-serve coffee," said Bill VandenBygaart, VP business development, in a prepared statement. "This is the type of game-changing innovation that results from open competition and consumers are the ones who benefit. There are billions of capsules thrown into landfill each year. We will change that."

To recycle the EcoCup™ capsule, consumers simply pull off the top with an easy-to-use tab, recycle the cup and dispose of the tea and the filter. The EcoCup™ capsule is BPA-free and accepted in many curbside-recycling programs across the country.

"One of the top three challenges for consumers when it comes to adopting single-serve capsules is in the impact on the environment," added VandenBygaart. "We wanted to make sure that consumers didn't have to sacrifice being good to the planet for the sake of convenience and a great-tasting beverage."

In 2012, the RealCup™ brand changed the market for single-serve coffee with a new level of quality and authentic taste delivered by the patented, non-woven FlavorMax™ filter. With EcoCup™, the brand has further developed the filter and cup to make it recyclable, eco-conscious and the perfect companion for brewing the robust flavors that come from loose-leaf tea.

"Over the past century, the Higgins family has built a successful business by looking after our customers, our communities and the environment," said Michael Higgins, co-CEO of Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee.  "These are things that matter deeply to us and we want the next generations of our family to inherit a better earth and a company that has contributed to making it better."

Co-CEO Paul Higgins Jr. added, "Despite the highly competitive nature of the coffee and tea industry, our innovation with EcoCup™ is something we are open to sharing with other single-serve manufacturers. If it helps reduce landfill and improve the planet for future generations, then this is an innovation worth sharing."