AVT Coffee Vending Machines Now Accept Mobile Orders

Aug. 15, 2013

AVT, Inc. has launched its Next Generation systems, which utilize an Android-based operating system that allows customers to make selections and payments via their cellular telephones. The Next Generation systems also incorporate new technology that brews a superior cup of coffee, according to AVT. From freshly ground espresso to a delicious mocha, the new AVT units deliver 15 different blends that are, the company claims, as good or better than the finest coffee shop or barista-brewed beverage.

"We will be giving Rubi a run for their money," stated Shannon Illingworth, chairman and founder of AVT, in a prepared statement. "When you compare the features of the systems, the quality of the beverages delivered, and the return on investment, we are hands-down the winner," he added. "We have the better mousetrap, and we expect that entrepreneurs and business owners will continue to beat a path to our door."

AVT has also introduced a brand new back-end management system. This proprietary program allows operators to track sales, perform diagnostics and maintain the utmost product freshness.