Briggo Unveils A Smartphone-Controlled Coffee Haus In Texas

Aug. 2, 2013

Briggo Inc. unveiled its new intelligent Coffee Haus at The University of Texas in Austin. The Coffee Haus combines smartphone control and precision robotic technology with the best in artisan coffee to revolutionize the coffee experience, according to the release. The new iconic Coffee Haus design features real-time order status and a peek at Briggo’s patented robotics, which are precisely calibrated to deliver a full menu of specialty coffees. Customers tune and pre-order personalized drinks via the Briggo smartphone experience and obtain their perfect drink when expected, eliminating the long waits and variability typical of standard coffee shops.

Briggo uses sustainable high-altitude Latin American direct trade coffee to ensure optimal results. “I’m thrilled with the custom blends and roast profiles our team has created,” said Scott McMartin, Briggo’s vice president of coffee strategy and operations,a 20-year veteran of the specialty coffee world. “The Briggo Coffee Haus individually grinds and brews each espresso beverage and prepares it to order using artisan coffees, fresh milk and gourmet syrups, creating outstanding espresso shots and great lattes.”

“We are passionate about bringing exceptional coffee to our customers, and using the highest quality ingredients is imperative,” said Kevin Nater, chief executive officer of Briggo. “We believe the overall coffee experience must include convenience and predictability. Our Coffee Haus creates artisan coffee drinks 24/7 with a level of accuracy never before seen in the coffee world, and the automated ordering system via the Briggo mobile website streamlines the process. Our customers easily, quickly get their favorite coffee the exact same way, every single time, without any hassle or wait.”

The new Briggo Coffee Haus enhances the original test-market kiosk installed on The University of Texas campus in 2011 and marks the company’s move into full deployment of Briggo systems at hospitals, airports, and college and corporate campuses nationwide. The Briggo Coffee Haus features a new iconic brand design created in partnership with renowned designer Yves Behar and his Fuseproject team and provides customers with the ability to see the robotics in action as well as order status, wait times and progress in the coffee queue, according to the company. The newly-designed and intuitive mobile website (and soon to be released Briggo iPhone and Android app) gives customers full control of their coffee experience with drink customization, purchasing, text notification, social media sharing and favoriting of a drink for easy re-ordering. Location mapping helps the customer choose a kiosk and see the wait time and order remotely ahead of arrival.