S&D Coffee & Tea Launches New Website

June 17, 2013

S&D Coffee & Tea has launched a new, highly-interactive Website to more effectively communicate online with customers, prospective customers and coffee- and tea-lovers, according to the company. The URL is: www.sdcoffeetea.com.

“Our new Website will be a resource to the industry and our community,” said Ron Hinson, chairman of the board, president and CEO in a prepared statement. “Understanding the journey that takes place to bring coffee or tea from source to your cup is important. With a very short investment of time visitors will gain an appreciation for this amazing process.”

Features on the site include the coffee growing and roasting process, how tea is sourced and blended, and even current trends in the coffee commodities market. Visitors get a sneak peek inside S&D’s facilities and they can explore S&D’s unique capabilities and the markets it serves.

“We wanted to give visitors an easy way to learn more about our products that meet the needs of thousands of foodservice customers, and millions of consumers, every day,” said John Buckner, director of marketing. “Through photos, stories, interactivity and videos, we’ve created a hub to find out more about the coffee and tea industry and S&D’s vital role.”