Jammin Java Corp. Continues To Sign Up Coffee Distributors

July 22, 2014

Jammin Java Corp. continues to secure more and more coffee distributors, after its exhibits at the National Automatic Merchandising Association and the National Restaurant Association tradeshows. These distributors span across North America, both online and offline.

"We are extremely pleased with all of the deals we've closed after these two shows," said Rohan Marley, chairman of Jammin Java Corp. in a prepared statement. "After most trade shows, people collect business cards and it takes months to actually get business done. With the management team we have in place, we are quickly closing deals and generating purchase orders in an industry that usually has a long sales cycle. We have additional key distribution deals that we plan on closing in the coming weeks. After over a year of honing the perfect roast profile, developing our product offerings, and building our story, this company has really started to get its distribution legs."

"We've been looking at Rohan and his company for a while now, but after seeing all the excitement and tasting the coffee at the National Restaurant Association show, we knew we had to act quickly to get this into our market in the Philadelphia area, so we've launched online at coffeecow.com and we're ready to launch this product in our OCS market," said Joe Horn, president of Springtime Coffee.

Since the two tradeshows, the company has distribution deals in place with Markcol Distribution (www.markcol.com - Toronto, Canada), Blue Tiger Coffee (www.bluetigercoffee.com - Seattle, Wash.), Distillata (www.distillata.com – Cleveland, Ohio), Good as Gold Coffee (www.goodasgold.com - Worcester, Mass.) and Vend X Distributing (Auburn, Wash.).

The company has also picked up additional online retailers such as www.Shoffee.com and www.coffeecow.com.

For new distribution opportunities, e-mail the company at [email protected]