Marco Beverage Systems introduces POUR'D cold coffee on tap

July 30, 2021

New from Marco Beverage Systems is a novel cold coffee dispenser that allows sites to serve cold coffee right at the point of service from a single, sleek font. Called POUR’D, the system is available ready-to-drink (RTD) or concentrate variants

The RTD option is said to be straightforward. Cold coffee is dispensed from a bag-in-box, urn or container kept in a fridge, kegerator or under the counter. POUR’D RTD is available in a one-button font for push and hold, a hands-free font for hygienic activation or a three-button font for the same amount of preprogrammed beverage sizes.

POUR'D concentrate models can dispense drinks from a single concentrate source. It automates the dilution process, using either chilled or mains water to dilute the concentrate for cold coffee. The system is compatible with concentrate ratios from 1:1 to 9:1. It also allows operators to preprogram up to three beverage choices and volumes.

The POUR’D three-button concentrate option also has a single, separate water line within the countertop font. This means that customers could optionally add a water boiler or chiller to dispense either hot or cold water from the font. Here, the dispenser can deliver any combination of cold coffee (up to three sizes); shots of coffee concentrate for iced mochas, lattes or frappes; or hot water for tea, americano and hot chocolate and cold water for chilled drinks.

“The true innovation behind POUR’D is the flexibility it allows, said Marco head of marketing  Gemma Kiernan. "Marco carried out extensive research on cold coffee – how it’s brewed, how it’s delivered, etc. – and found that different sites and different roasters have different needs.

"POUR’D meets all of these," she continued, "moving cold-brew service to front of house, meaning baristas don’t need to go to the fridge or manually mix their concentrates at the start of the day. It also means that one system can deliver cold coffee, a shot of coffee, and hot or cold water, so that operators can serve multiple beverages from one system.”

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[Credit: Marco Beverage Systems]
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