Altair and Gruppo Cimbali use digital twin to boost barista business

April 12, 2021
Digital twin supports convergence of data and simulation for optimized product performance and increased efficiency

High-performance computer and AI tech firm Altair said it is collaborating with Italy’s Gruppo Cimbali, a leading industrial coffee machine manufacturer, to establish a digital twin-driven development process.

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process, according to a Wikipedia article.

Altair's platform blends physics- and data-driven twins to support optimization throughout the lifecycle of Gruppo Cimbali coffee machines. Altair said, “This holistic simulation approach reduces the need for physical tests, shortens time-to-market and increases the energy efficiency of the machines.”

As products become increasingly complex, connected and smarter, and the industrial equipment market more demanding, development processes must evolve to include machine learning, Troy, MI-based Altair explained.

Gruppo Cimbali has a long tradition of including cutting-edge technologies in its operations and has fully embraced the digital transformation of its development processes by using digital twins, by Altair Activate, to take the company's connected coffee machines to the next level.

On April 14, Altair will host its virtual ATCx Industrial Machinery event featuring a virtual coffee break with Gruppo Cimbali. To learn more and to register click here


[Credit: Nanoveu]
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