Nestlé Professional coffee machines to use Nanoshield antimicrobial self-disinfecting film

March 31, 2021

Nestlé Professional is applying antimicrobial self-disinfecting screen protectors on its out-of-home coffee machines.

According to a press release, Nestlé Professional will adopt Nanoveu’s self-disinfecting Nanoshield film, which is used in healthcare, corporate, government, education and hospitality businesses

Nanoshield is an adhesive film that can be sized and customized for various applications, making it a powerful defense for such high-touch surface as self-serve checkouts, grocery carts, door handles and  push plates, as well as handrails, elevators, ATMs, mass transit and shared computer equipment

“We want to be able to support our customers in any possible way, to assist them to serve their consumers in a safe and reliable manner,” said Nestlé Professional’s Reinhold Jakobi. “Offering tools to help our customers to be able to continue serving coffee to their consumers in challenging times is of the utmost importance.”

Nanoshield film is composed of a PET foil with a special resin layer, containing an active copper component. Nanoveu so the film has undergone “rigorous scientific testing to prove its properties.”


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