Starbucks 'E-Cup' Fit This Client's Need, Gives Glimpse To Future

June 9, 2010
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The most advanced technological solutions take time to find an application. Im pleased to say that the Starbucks E-Cup, a Starbucks interactive brewer with cashless capability, has found a niche, and that niche is going to become more prevalent in the future.

Automatic Merchandiser reported on the E-Cup, in a feature article in March 2009. The E-Cup has a USA Technologies ePort card reader that accepts both magnetic stripe and contactless cards.

I recently came across the first E-Cup in Cleveland, Ohio at a biomedical facility that houses a several research and development companies. The E-Cup was a perfect solution for this account.

This is a new building. The building wants to attract biomedical companies from all over the world to this modern medical facility.

The building, which is in the process of finding tenants, is not in a position to have a manned cafeteria. Hence, the owners realized that vending would be necessary.

The owners also understand the importance of high quality coffee for the clientele they are trying to attract. One of the decision makers was intent on having Starbucks coffee available.

They also needed a system that would allow the tenants to pay for their own coffee. Hence, the E-Cup was the best solution, noted Chris Terrell, general manager for Aramark Refreshment Services in Northern Ohio, which services the account.

This biomedical building represents the future for Cleveland, a one-time heavy manufacturing region that has lost most of its traditional industrial manufacturing. In its place, health care and new technology companies have gradually become dominant industries.

The employees in these types of accounts are well educated people who work irregular hours and often have a taste for the best meals and refreshments.

The owner of this account has made every effort to make the amenities attractive to the professionals they want to attract. The Starbucks E-Cup was part of this initiative.

The technology that our industry is developing is all going to serve its future.