Bob Tullio’s Product Perspective: Flavor Singles – A sweet alternative to bulky, breakable and expensive syrup bottles

June 15, 2022
A closer look at products, equipment and services that will impact an operator’s business.

As Alliant Coffee Solutions was working on developing a line of flavored coffee syrups, the negative sides of the product quickly became obvious to them. “We realized that there had to be a better alternative to syrup bottles,” said Marina Cappagli, marketing director at Alliant. “Our solution was to develop Flavor Singles, single serve flavored sweetener packets.”

Problems with syrup bottles

“We are always trying to find ways to create value for operators and distribution partners, and we saw some glaring problems with syrup bottles that we could solve,” said Cappagli. “Flavor Singles sweetener packets solve several problems with most of the other competing products on the market. First, bottles of syrup can get sticky and messy and are a pain to keep clean. They are also bulky and breakable and the weight of the water in the syrup can add a lot of cost in shipping and storage. Of course, syrup bottles aren’t easily portable either,” she added.

Coffee the way you want it

Cappagli pointed out that Flavor Singles packets are a great way to have your coffee the way you want it even if you’re on the go. Flavor Singles packets are also less expensive per serving than most syrups. “Coffee is a very personal experience, and with so many consumers choosing different dairy and dairy alternatives these days, there was an opportunity to facilitate those choices,” she said. “Flavor Singles packets taste great – which is important. We tried to create a product that delivers the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness with just one packet.”

Part of the Alliant Coffee Solutions commitment

According to Cappagli, this newest product is part of a companywide commitment by Alliant to provide innovative products for coffee service operators. “We understand that operators are always looking for ways to improve the service component of their business and enhance their customers’ coffee experience,” said Cappagli. “Flavor Singles packets make sense for operators because they’re a cleaner, more efficient, and more cost-effective way for an operator’s customer to personalize their coffee experience. Operators that stay at the forefront with innovative solutions win. It’s that simple.”

Fresh revenue for operators

“A product like Flavor Singles is a differentiator, a nice perk in an office environment – something that an office manager can add to their product selection without breaking the budget. For the operator, it means fresh revenue from a product that customers will love,” Cappagli said.

More in the pipeline

In terms of popularity, Vanilla is the #1 flavor, followed by Hazelnut and then Caramel. “We also have other flavors for coffee-based drinks and iced tea-based drinks in the pipeline, so stay tuned,” said Cappagli, who also noted that Flavor Singles packets aren’t just for breakrooms. “They’re perfect for operators serving c-stores, cafes, restaurants and any other environment where coffee is consumed,” she added.

Enthusiasm and robust sales

Flavor Singles packets became available to operators in March 2022. Cappagli said Alliant Coffee Solutions has been pleased with the response from operators. “From the moment we released this product line, the enthusiasm from our entire customer base has been very gratifying. Operators instantly see the value and points of difference with Flavor Singles packets,” she said.

The enthusiasm has been backed up by robust sales. “The line is just rolling out, but sales have been instantly very strong. “There have been few opportunities during the past two years for operators to show their customers new ways to improve their coffee experiences. Innovative products like Flavor Singles have been a great reason for operators to get out and see their customers again,” Cappagli said.

More sustainable than bottles

One other box that Flavor Coffee Singles can check off for office managers, HR directors and facility managers: The product is far more sustainable than syrup bottles. “They eliminate the need for bottles, and because the product weighs far less than a case of syrups, Flavor Coffee Singles clearly have a reduced carbon footprint,” Cappagli stated. “As we all know, sustainability is a big issue in today’s workplace.”

How to get Flavor Coffee Singles

The Flavor Singles brand is owned by and exclusively available from Alliant Coffee Solutions. Cappagli said that businesses interested in ordering or learning more about Flavor Singles flavored sweetener packets and other hot beverage solutions for office breakrooms, c-stores and other foodservice environments can contact Alliant Coffee Solutions at 800-465-4240 or visit or


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