Rochester, NY Operator Sells An Experience, Not Coffee

Jan. 15, 2018

Experience sells. This is what is making Vid Chand and his company, Your Next Cup, Inc. successful in the Rochester, NY area. This single route, one-man-operation office coffee service provider was founded on the premise of providing a café style coffee experience in the workplace. It utilizes environmentally friendly table top machines to deliver a fresh bean-to-cup coffee experience, offering a variety of high quality beverages that cater to the total needs of people as they go through their work day. 

"There is a direct cost associated with the mood of people in the workplace and their productivity. When people are complacent, it negatively affects the bottom line of every business," said Chand. This is what inspired Chand to start his OCS business back in 2007. His previous career was in quality and product development, not coffee. He believed wholeheartedly that a better coffee experience in the workplace would have a positive impact on employees and results in a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Thus Your Next Cup, his endeavor to deliver this service to Rochester businesses with reliable, environmentally friendly equipment and high quality products, in a service that is dependable with cost-effective pricing. Chand still holds these beliefs today. 

What Your Next Cup does right 

Your Next Cup has been successful by focusing its attention on understanding the needs of its customers and showing the value it brings to businesses that utilize its services. Chand said, “I am customer-centric, which for me means focusing my attention on what brings value to my customers, trying to understand each account individually. I try to service each account knowing that if I do so well, Your Next Cup will be successful."  

Chand has experienced incremental growth in his business, year over year – a mark of a sustaining and successful business. Chand has been able to grow Your Next Cup by focusing on the customers need, not just with products, but something harder to achieve – satisfaction. Chand says he was the first in Rochester to offer bean-to-cup, table mounted, environmentally friendly, café style machines in the OCS business. He started doing this with Cafection's program that worked with OCS operators. Since then, he has added other manufacturer's brewers and equipment and believes that Your Next Cup is the only one of its kind in Rochester.  

Each account currently serviced by Your Next Cup has told Chand about the boost in their employee satisfaction. "We tailor our services to each customer's needs to include servicing the machines when it is most convenient for them," said Chand. This includes routine maintenance, such as cleaning and filter changes by Chand and simple housekeeping by employees at the location. He becomes a partner with them, not just a service provider. "An emphasis is placed on quality, consistency and the value it delivers, and also in being involved with community activities with customers."