Strong future for coffee likely as younger generation's consumption rebounds

May 23, 2011

Coffee has been strong throughout the recession, but the latest research done by the National Coffee Association shows the future is even better. Consumption of coffee in consumers 18 to 39 has rebounded to levels seen in 2008 to 2009. Robert F. Nelson, NCA president and CEO said in a prepared statement that the 2011 National Coffee Drinking Trends data shows strong category loyalty and suggests a solid customer base for future growth.


Drink Coffee Daily

2009    2010    2011

40%     31%     40%

18 to 24 years of age

2009    2010    2011

53%     44%     54%

25 to 39 years of age

The rebound of coffee consumption is tied to this younger group of consumers feeling more positive about their financial situation.

The 2011 study revealed 86 percent of daily consumers drank coffee at home in the past day, compared with 24 percent who drink coffee out of the home. Gourmet coffees continue to be a significant portion of total coffee consumption.

Consumers with single cup systems are growing an average of 1 percent a year. Many of the consumers, 35 percent, purchased the single cup system within the past six months and 45 percent think the systems are excellent or very good, compared with just 26 percent reporting the systems are excellent or very good back in 2007.

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