Soccer star Lionel Messi introduces his next-generation hydration drink

June 7, 2024
Más+ by Messi is a new beverage that delivers a balanced blend of electrolytes with natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners or colors, plus vitamins and more.

Global soccer icon, Lionel Messi is introducing a new drink: Más+ by Messi, a Next-Generation Hydration Beverage. He calls it "Positive Hydration": a balanced blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, in four flavors he loves, with natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners or colors, and no caffeine.

Messi is a founder of Más+ by Messi and The Más+ Next Generation Beverage Co., along with flavor innovators from The Mark Anthony Group.

Messi chose the name Más+ from about 450 names, because it resonated with his career and the way he lives his life, always finding more to give. Más+ has more of the flavors he loves, more quality ingredients. The + stands for an extra boost of positivity, inspiration for consumers to enjoy more music, laughter, friends, and family and to get more out of life.

"Hydration is essential to overall wellbeing,” Lionel Messi, founder, Más+ by Messi, said in the announcement. I believe everyone deserves a drink with amazing ingredients and taste. Más+ is a drink I'm proud to share with family and friends. Because everyone deserves to feel like a champion in every part of their life." 

The global rollout of Más+ starts close to home for Messi – at a local neighborhood store in Miami where, on June 13, lucky fans will become the first in the world to score some of the first bottles and try Más+ for themselves before the drink is available anywhere else. Location details will be announced through the Más+ Instagram account @masbymessi

Más+ by Messi will be available in four flavors in 16.9oz bottles and soon after in four-flavor variety 12-packs of cans.

With 10 calories and 1g of cane sugar per 16.9oz bottle, and 7 calories and less than 1g of cane sugar per 12oz can, Más+ offers quality ingredients without compromising on flavor or taste. The new drink comes in four vibrant flavors, loved by Messi, and named after inspirational milestones in his life: 

Más+ by Messi Miami Punch: Inspired by the city where Messi and his family live, home of Messi's current and next chapter, Miami Punch has a balanced blend of berry flavors with a hint of pineapple for a refreshing fruit punch taste. 

Más+ by Messi Orange d'Or: Orange d'Or has a refreshing orange flavor with hints of tangerine flavor for a balanced citrus taste. It's inspired by Messi's record eight wins of the Ballon d'Or ("Golden Ball" in French) Trophy. 

Más+ by Messi Berry Copa Crush: Inspired by Messi's seven Copa del Rey titles with Barcelona and his Copa America win with Argentina, Berry Copa Crush has a refreshing blend of sweet and luscious berry and cherry flavors. 

Más+ by Messi Limón Lime League: Limón Lime League balances refreshingly sweet, fruity flavor and zesty citrus taste. It honors the time Messi spent playing in the UEFA Champions League, a cup he won three times.

"People know the importance of hydration and are seeking better products that help them achieve their goals. We're proud to be collaborating with the world's greatest soccer player, Lionel Messi, to meet that need," Rishi Daing, executive vice president, Más+ Next Generation Beverage Co., added in the announcement. "Más+ by Messi sets a new standard for the hydration category by delivering premium ingredients to people who want to move, play, and live more. Our beverage and flavor innovation combined with Messi's expertise as an elite athlete has resulted in a drink unlike anything on the market."

On June 13, a limited supply of Más+ by Messi drops exclusively at a local store in Miami, and U.S. fans who sign up now on will be the first to get access to new product drops.

From June 14, Commemorative Special Edition Variety Packs (containing two 16.9oz PET bottles of all four flavors) and individual 16.9oz PET bottles will be available online in the U.S. at Más+ by Messi will also be available at key retail partners in South Florida, including Publix and Walmart, and available for delivery in as fast as 15 minutes through Gopuff.

From July, four-flavor variety packs of 12 x 12oz cans will be available in the U.S. at

From August, Más+ by Messi will expand to other markets and retailers across Florida and the U.S., and to global markets soon after.