Marquis introduces its first botanical-inspired flavor to drive growth

June 16, 2023
Fast-growing caffeinated beverage brand Marquis announced the debut of its first botanical-inspired flavor, Lemon Lavender.

Marquis, the Los Angeles-based innovative caffeinated beverage brand announced the debut of its first botanical-inspired flavor, Lemon Lavender. 

Lemon Lavender joins the brand's portfolio as part of its aggressive growth strategy to stay ahead of the curve in the beverage space by keeping consumers engaged with fresh additions. 

Following the launch of Pineapple Passion in early 2023, Marquis experienced 75% growth in total sales in Q1 of this year compared to the same time last year, sparking a new best-seller in its lineup, according to the announcement. Now, Marquis introduces a posh botanical blend ahead of summer for consumers. An uptick in botanical interest among consumers alongside Marquis' own brand fans inspired the latest launch, creating a new category for the brand that goes beyond its current fruit-forward lineup.

"We started experimenting with different combinations of botanical-inspired flavors in early 2022 because we knew consumers increasingly wanted to explore new profiles that evoke a sense of relaxation and opulence," Christopher Lai, co-founder and chief executive officer of Marquis, said in the announcement. "Everyone wants to feel rich and famous, so we created a light, lush beverage with Lemon Lavender that channels the emotion of exclusivity through inclusivity. Consumers can escape to Beverly Hills with the crack of a can and enjoy life's lavish offerings with a single sip."

As a nod to the city Marquis was born out of, Lemon Lavender is curated for Los Angeles natives and beverage lovers across the country. Lemon Lavender is an energizing option that combines soothing lavender and citrus-forward lemon to create a balanced lift with 100 mg of caffeine per can, with no sugar, calories, or net carbs. The flavor is not only crafted with calming ingredients that appeal to consumers looking at beverage options for function, but also the pastel purple can evoke a luxe feel that appeals to consumers making mindful choices.

"As a Los Angeles-based brand with an affinity for the people who make up our beautifully diverse city, we wanted to create a new flavor that spoke to not only what Angelenos are craving, but also opens the door to an even broader audience across the country," Zach Volpo, director of marketing at Marquis, said in the announcement. "Lemon Lavender's purely organic flavor and sleek purple can are exactly what consumers are looking for when discovering their new favorite beverage, and it couldn't come at a more perfect time ahead of summer."

Disrupting the functional beverage space with clean, energizing beverages, Marquis created the first of its kind, tri-blend of caffeine that combines yerba mate with green coffee and green tea. This unique USDA Organic formula provides a balanced lift without the ups and downs of most caffeinated drinks, serving every type of consumer for any time of day.