Push Beverages launches revamped bottle for Tribe Tea

March 22, 2023
The new 16-ounce bottle addresses feedback, including being able to see the iced tea from the bottle, smaller easy-to-handle 12 packs with no cardboard waste, and reduced per-unit calorie count.

Push Beverages announced it is launching new Tribe Tea package this spring. This new 16-ounce bottle was chosen to address various areas of feedback from clients over the years, including being able to see the iced tea from the bottle, smaller easy-to-handle 12 packs with no cardboard waste,  and reduced per-unit calorie count. 

This bottle is replacing the full-wrap 20-ounce bottle Tribe Tea has been using since its debut in 2011. 

As part of the revamped package, the Diet items will be rebranded as Sugar Free, and the new bottle will have black caps sporting the Tribe Tea logo.

There will be no change to the real-brewed, bold-flavored iced tea formula, and the package maintains its wild, edgy look that differentiates it from other teas in its category. 

Laurel Whitney, co-founder of Push Beverages, said in the announcement, "Not only does the new Tribe Tea package appeal better to our client base and reduce waste, but it will allow us to keep pricing stable in these volatile times since these bottles are blow-molded onsite reducing inbound material shipping costs as well as outbound shipping costs with more units per pallet.”

Push Beverages is a full-line beverage company with over 30 carbonated and non-carbonated drinks available in 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 20-ounce packages under the Push, Push-2-O, Arctic Rain, Chu-Chi, Liquid Lightning  and Tribe Tea brands. Push Beverages is currently sold in 40 states.


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