Coca-Cola unveils mocha-flavored RTD coffee, redesigned cans for flavored products

Jan. 25, 2022

Coca-Cola Co. is introducing a  mocha-flavored ready-to-drink coffee, along with redesigned cans for some of its flavored and zero-sugar products.

Coca‑Cola with Coffee Mocha will begin shipping in February, joining Dark Blend, Vanilla, Caramel and Vanilla Zero Sugar in the RTD coffee category. Since launching in January 2021, the hybrid innovation has given consumers a refreshing reset to their daily routines with a pioneering proposition that “sips like a Coke and finishes like a coffee," the company said.

Coca‑Cola with Coffee drinks are available in single-serve 12-fl.oz. cans. Vanilla has been the top-selling Coca‑Cola with Coffee SKU to date, the company reported.

“As we thought about how to optimize our current offering and give consumers even more of what they want, Mocha emerged as a no-brainer,” said Coca-Cola brand director Brandan Strickland. “It’s the No. 1 flavor in the RTD coffee category, and we’re confident the amazing formula we’ve developed will be a home run with existing fans of the brand, as well as those who have not yet given it a try.” 

Meanwhile, some of Coke's most popular flavors are flaunting a new, modern packaging design that will help consumers to tell the difference between regular and sugar-free. But no changes have been made to the formulas in the "Coca‑Cola Flavors" lineup.

Vibrantly colored cans of Coca‑Cola Cherry, Coca‑Cola Vanilla, Coca‑Cola Cherry Vanilla and their zero-sugar counterparts now feature a bold logo positioned to clearly distinguish between full-sugar (white script) and zero-sugar/calorie-free (black script) options. Full-color cans will designate single flavors, and stacked colors will communicate dual flavors, Coke explained.


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