Bottled water industry calls on Congress to pass national recycling infrastructure bill

Oct. 1, 2021

New legislation that invests in recycling systems across the United States is set to benefit everyone -- consumers, government, and industry -- by helping to reduce waste and reuse valuable resources, the International Bottled Water Association said.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which passed through the Senate in August with bipartisan support, includes funding for the RECYCLE Act and Save Our Seas 2.0 Section 302 grants, which will educate consumers and help municipalities maintain or expand their existing recycling programs. IBWA calls on the House of Representatives to uphold its commitment to vote on the Senate bill by Sep. 27.

The infrastructure bill is a great step in acknowledging the importance of reducing waste and reusing valuable resources, especially fully recyclable beverage container packaging, such as bottled water. In addition, the education investment will help address the issue of consumer confusion about what can and can’t be recycled.

As part of the Recycling Infrastructure Now coalition, IBWA supported this measure’s investment in recycling improvements and consumer education. 

Funding for Section 302 grants within the Save Our Seas 2.0 Act will allow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support improvements to local post-consumer materials management, including municipal recycling programs, and assist waste management authorities in making improvements to local waste management systems.

The legislation includes $75 million ($15 million a year over the next five years) for RECYCLE Act grants to educate consumers. And a further $275 million for Save Our Seas 2.0 Section 302 grants (over five years) for municipalities to expand their recycling systems.


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