Celsius Holdings, Inc. Announces Nationwide Launch With Walmart At More Than 1,500 Locations

March 3, 2020
Celsius Holdings, Inc.
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Celsius Holdings, Inc. Announces Nationwide Launch with Largest U.S. Retailer at More than 1,500 Locations; Builds on Success with Additional Expansion in Mass Retail Channel

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Celsius Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: CELH), maker of the leading global fitness drink, CELSIUS®, today announced a nationwide product launch with the largest retailer in the United States at more than 1,500 store locations. Additionally, the Company announced further expansion with the 2nd largest mass market retailer in the US, which brings CELSIUS® into more than 1,300 stores with expanded flavor offerings across all existing locations. 

"All the logistics processes are underway to launch CELSIUS® products with a new mass market partner at more than 1,500 locations across the country beginning in the first quarter of 2020," commented John Fieldly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Celsius Holdings, Inc. "Demand for the CELSIUS® portfolio remains robust. SPINS based brand performance in the (MULO) channel for shelf stable functional beverages during the 52 weeks ending 12/29/19, demonstrates tremendous momentum in this mass market channel with over 110% growth for the CELSIUS® brand in the past year. With this growth, we are seizing a number of opportunities to further increase distribution with new partners and continue to strengthen existing relationships to capture additional market share and meet the increasing demand for our portfolio."

Retail Channel

Celsius has received authorization to launch two SKUs with Walmart, the largest nationwide retailer in the U.S. The Company's Orange and Kiwi Guava flavored functional beverages will be available at more than 1,500 Walmart stores beginning in the first quarter of 2020.

In addition to securing placements with Walmart, the Company continues to expand its relationships with existing retail partners. At Target, the Company has expanded its offerings to include one of its newest flavors, Grapefruit Melon Green Tea, launching at more than 1,300 locations nationwide in the first quarter of 2020.  With this addition, Target expands its offering of CELSIUS® to five flavors.

About Celsius Holdings, Inc.

Celsius Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CELH), is a global company with a proprietary, clinically proven formula for its CELSIUS® brand and all its sub-brands. A lifestyle fitness drink and a pioneer in the rapidly growing performance energy sector, CELSIUS has four beverage lines that each offer proprietary, functional, healthy-energy formulas clinically-proven to offer significant health benefits to its users. The four lines include, CELSIUS® Originals, CELSIUS HEAT™, CELSIUS® On-the-Go, and CELSIUS® Sweetened with Stevia. CELSIUS® has zero sugar, no preservatives, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, and is non-GMO, with no artificial flavors or colors. The CELSIUS® line of products is Certified Kosher and Vegan. CELSIUS® is also soy and gluten-free and contains very little sodium. CELSIUS® is backed by six university studies that were published in peer-reviewed journals validating the unique benefits CELSIUS® provides. CELSIUS® is sold nationally at Target, CVS, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, 7-Eleven, Dick's Sporting Goods, The Fresh Market, Sprouts and other key regional retailers such as HEB, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Harris Teeter, Shaw's and Food Lion. It is also available on Amazon, at fitness clubs and in select micro-markets across the country. For more information, visit CELSIUS® at www.celsius.com or Celsius Holdings, Inc., at www.celsiusholdingsinc.com.


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