Kick In The New Year By Celebrating National Mocktail Week; Raise A Toast Between January 12-18, 2020

Jan. 2, 2020


Kick off the New Year and Dry January with a new reason to raise a toast—it’s National Mocktail Week. The second full week of January (January 12-18) is officially National Mocktail Week, a week that recognizes and celebrates the desire by a growing number of Americans to enjoy non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional drinks.

“Throughout 2019 more restaurants and people entertaining at home began to serve up mocktails with greater frequency and flare, a trend we don’t see slowing down. We saw establishments make an effort to create and serve extraordinary alcohol-free drinks to patrons,” said Marnie. “The mocktail movement is about so much more than the drink - it's about making guests feel welcome at our establishments and included in the moment.”

Now celebrating its second year, National Mocktail Week supports and celebrates the decision to drink non-alcoholic cocktails and encourages friends and family to do the same. The movement is spearheaded by Founder Marnie Rae. 17 years ago, Marnie became sober and it didn't take long for her to realize that fun, delicious, grown-up cocktails were not an option in most of the hospitality world. Marnie founded National Mocktail Week as just one aspect of her movement to make Mocktails a standard on the drink menu both at home and in bars/restaurants.

With the number of Americans choosing not to drink alcohol but still socializing and enjoying going out for a meal, the need for better and more Mocktails on the menu is needed and encouraged.

For the National Mocktail Week 2020 recipe, Pomegranate Sparkler, aclick here.

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Everyone is encouraged to choose a mocktail over a cocktail during National Mocktail Week and show support needed to continue a healthy lifestyle. Better yet, give a new Mocktail a try!

For more information visit and join her at, and Use #NationalMocktailWeek to share recipes and experience the best that Mocktails have to offer!

About Marnie Rae

Marnie, the Founder of National Mocktail Week, is dedicated to bringing Mocktails to the forefront of entertaining and hospitality. She holds a firm belief that the Mocktail movement is about a much bigger picture than a beverage. It is about making people feel welcome, included, thought of, and a part of something. For more information visit