Caskai Announces Distribution In Avanti Markets Northwest

May 15, 2018

SEATTLE — May 14, 2018– Caskai North America Inc, the US importer of Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion, an award winning cascara-based beverage produced in Austria, announces distribution with Avanti Markets Northwest, a leader in the micro market channel that delivers healthy snacks and beverages for the workplace utilizing technology driven self-check out solutions. Caskai makes its beverages from cascara - the dried husk of the coffee fruit and is one of the early movers in this burgeoning new beverage category. 

Jim Brinton, the CEO and Founder of Avanti Markets Northwest personally selected Caskai for his micro markets noting, "Caskai is a unique product we believe our clients will enjoy and fills a segment void that will allow us to better serve our customers. Its proposition fits into the trend we are seeing with beverages - plant-based ingredients, low sugar, healthy, and is made from an upcycled product that was formerly considered waste in the coffee industry." 

Caskai caters to the rising demand by consumers all natural beverage alternatives. With only 44 calories per bottle, up to ll mg of naturally occurring caffeine, and a little cascara magic, Caskai is the perfect workplace refreshment that helps you get working without getting worked up. “We are thrilled to be working with Jim Brinton and Avanti Markets NW to introduce our cascara based products to the Pacific Northwest workplace, an often overlooked point of consumption and where most of us spend the greater part of our day”, says founder Joel Jelderks, the founder of Caskai and is originally from the Pacific Northwest.  

The beverage’s ingredients are simple and naturally-derived: Premium Sun-Dried Cascara™ from arabica coffee sourced from Panama and Nicaragua that is freshly brewed in spring water from the Austrian Alps, a touch of organic cane sugar, a shot of carbonation and citric acid. Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion is packaged in a 275mL premium glass bottle that is best enjoyed cold.  

As a raw ingredient, Cascara contains a full combination of beneficial nutrients that includes powerful antioxidants, essential amino acids, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Potassium, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), Carbohydrates, Fiber, Calcium, Potassium and a natural caffeine boost. Cascara has been used in small communities in Africa and the Middle East for more than 1,000 years, but it’s benefits have not been widely known.  

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About Caskai GmbH:   

Founded by Joel Jelderks, a Pacific Northwest native who grew up in Oregon, graduated from Oregon State and lived and worked in Seattle before heading overseas, is a beverage industry pioneer recognized as one of Red Bull’s early employees in the 90’s and the driving force behind the push to get Cascara approved as a novel food in the EU. The young and innovative beverage company is currently launching its first product, Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion soon followed by upcoming product launches. Caskai has its headquarters in Austria and satellite offices in Seattle, the New York and Charlotte areas. For more information on Caskai, please visit: 

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More than just a micro market solutions provider, Avanti Markets delivers impactful experiences for micro market operators and customers through innovation, technology and excellent products and services. The business that started with just one soda machine in 1976 is now the trusted leader in the unattended retail market experience, with more than 7,000 micro market kiosks throughout the U.S. 

About Jim Brinton, CEO, Avanti Markets, Inc.  

Jim’s impressive career and background include overseeing Avanti Markets Inc., Avanti Markets Northwest, and Evergreen Vending. He also remains active through a genuine dedication to the industry and community as evidenced by serving as Northwest Automatic Merchandising Association’s past President, receiving the prestigious “Industry Person of the Year” award from the National Automatic Merchandising Association and serving multiple years as NAMA’s Chairman. He serves in numerous other Board of Directors positions, speaks at advocacy and education events, and more.