Roughly 120 Cups Of Coffee Made With Filtered Water Has The Same Acrylamide As 1 Serving Of Fries

April 5, 2018


The recent ruling adding coffee to the list of foods covered by California’s Prop 65 adds to the growing confusion consumers feel about what food and beverages are healthy to consume. With a growing trove of scientific evidence that coffee reduces the risk of some cancers, Purity Coffee seeks to educate consumers about the acrylamides, pesticides, mold, yeast, and mycotoxins found in conventional coffee and how coffee can be made healthier. 

Purity Coffee is the only coffee company that specifically roasts to keep acrylamides low and tests for toxins. Co-founder Andrew Salisbury clarifies, “The benefits of coffee far outweigh the minute amount of acrylamide found in all starches that are cooked at high temperatures - including toast, potato chips, and French fries.” Harvard professor Dr. Sanjiv Chopra has written extensively on the subject, adding that, “Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing cirrhosis, cancer of the liver, and type 2 diabetes.” 

Those who continue to be concerned about acrylamide intake via coffee drinking should ask their coffee company to provide them with their lab results and roasting standards. Co-founder Andrew Salisbury adds that, "Due to our roasting protocol, Purity Coffee that has some of the lowest acrylamide levels. We publish our lab results once a year and come in less than 200 ug/kg, which translates to less than 0.6 ug in an 8 oz cup of coffee. We make every decision from bean to bag based on health.” 

Purity Coffee was started in 2015 by Andrew Salisbury and Missy and Jon Butcher. The Purity Coffee mission is craft a coffee that is specifically optimized for health. Purity Coffee is tested to be mold, yeast, mycotoxin and pesticide free. Purity Coffee sells antioxidant-rich certified organic Arabica coffee that has been independently lab-tested to have 2x-10x times more antioxidants than other brands. 

  • Fast food French fries have 428 ug of acrylamide per kilogram and a large serving of fries is 170 grams. 428 ug / 1000 g = 0.428 ug per gram, 170 grams X 0.428 = 72.76 ug per 6 oz serving (rounded up to 73). Purity Coffee is 0.6 ug acrylamide per cup - 0.6 cups of coffee = 73 ug, 0.6 x Unknown = 73 

73 / 0.6= 121.6666 or 122