Juice Press Partners With Lavit To Develop Infused Waters For Single-Serve Beverages

Nov. 1, 2017

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Juice Press, the East Coast's fastest growing organic food and beverage retailer, today announced a partnership with beverage technology company Lavit®, LLC (www.drinklavit.com) to create two infused water capsules for Lavit's Cooler Water Coolers™. 

Juice Press and Lavit have formed a partnership to create two new beverages for Lavit's Cooler Water Coolers. The partnership includes Juice Press’s highly popular Rose Water, as well as a new functional energy offering, Cinnamon Guarana Water, both available in Q4 2017. Lavit is devoted to helping consumers improve their hydration; it is offering free trials of its system to companies looking to enhance their employee and guest beverage service. 

The partnership includes Juice Press's highly popular Rose Water, as well as a new functional energy offering, Cinnamon Guarana Water, which will debut exclusively for Lavit's patented, single-serve cold beverage water coolers. Both beverages will be available in the fourth quarter of 2017 in Lavit EcoCaps™, 100-percent recyclable aluminum capsules used to craft custom cold beverages with still and/or sparkling water. More than 1,000 Lavit Cooler Water Coolers™ have been installed in a broad range of commercial locations throughout the U.S. since their launch in late 2015. 

"At Juice Press, we are driven to creating the best-tasting products with non-processed ingredients for consumers looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle," said Michael Karsch, chairman of the board. "We are thrilled to partner with Lavit as another way of making nutritious and refreshing beverages more accessible in addition to expanding the Juice Press product line to a unique platform." 

Rose Water and Cinnamon Guarana infused waters are unsweetened, preservative-free, and made only from the highest quality all-natural ingredients available. Rose Water contains Bulgarian rose oil, the best source of roses in the world, and the Cinnamon Guarana flavor utilizes Indonesian cinnamon from Mount Korintji. 

"We are proud to make Juice Press' infused water offerings available on our single-serve Lavit beverage system," said Gian Matteo Lo Faro, CEO and founder of Lavit. "We've built a close relationship over the last two-and-a-half years as we worked with Juice Press to meet its stringent taste and quality requirements.  Our collaboration has ranged from research and development, beverage development and nutritional content analysis to packaging, branding and more. Juice Press EcoCaps for Lavit represent the very best in infused waters." 

For more information about the new Juice Press infused waters for Lavit, or to request a free trial of Lavit in your office, visit https://www.drinklavit.com/juice-press-unsweetened-beverages  or contact Richard Hirsch, VP of Marketing, rich@drinklavit.com; 646-752-8457. 

About Juice Press 
Juice Press is on a mission to create the most trusted nutrition and wellness brand on the planet. Founded in 2010 with the vision of bringing a healthier, more transparent lifestyle platform to the market, Juice Press offers an expansive organic product line as well as a variety of lifestyle resources. In six short years, Juice Press has opened more than 70+ retail stores and is now recognized as the premiere organic "grab and go" health food provider. Juice Press produces an unparalleled selection of products and combines them with a short shelf-life to deliver customers a variety of fresh, nutrient dense products. Transparency, integrity, and community define Juice Press, and as they expand, the company will ensure that these ideals remain at the heart of the Juice Press brand. For more information about Juice Press, please visit www.juicepress.com and Instagram (@juicepress), Twitter (@juicepresstweet), and Facebook (@juicepress). 

About Lavit 
Lavít (pronounced "LA-veet"), founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York City, is an eco-friendly, beverage technology company seeking to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar bottling industry. The company's Cooler Water Cooler™helps personalize the way people stay hydrated by allowing them to craft the cold beverage of their choice in seconds with just a push of a button. Beverage options include still or sparkling water or they can choose from a growing roster of popular brands and flavors – all with zero preservatives and just 10 calories or less per 12-ounce serving. Users craft their beverages by inserting fully recyclable aluminum flavor capsules (EcoCaps™) into a Lavit cooler and then adjusting flavor intensity and carbonation level. For every EcoCap sold, Lavit donates to onedrop.org, providing clean drinking water for those in need around the world. Learn more at www.drinklavit.com

Lavit is a registered trademark and EcoCaps and Cooler Water Cooler are trademarks of Lavit, LLC. All other tradenames are the property of their respective owners. 


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