National Beverage Corp. ‘Break-Out’ Results For A ‘Break-Out’ Year

July 15, 2016

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--National Beverage Corp. reported ‘Break-Out’ results, as previously committed, with revenues and net income surpassing expectations.

FIZZ Achievements


  • Launch of Shasta Sparkling (SDA) Clean Label – Industry First
  • LaCroix TangerEEN Sets New Launch Records
  • FIZZ Surpassed $2.5 Billion Market Cap1
  • 1st Qtr. FY ’17 Revenues Will Exceed $200 million – New Milestone


  • EBITDA* UP 34% to $118 million
  • FIZZ UP 168% to $61.37
  • Operating Margin (% of sales) Advanced Additional 10% over FY ’16 to 14.5%

“When one looks at growth potential combined with quality of earnings and unprecedented consumer demand, the question is not one of value . . . but one of indeterminable potential!!” stated Nick A. Caporella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, at a recent Michigan executive meeting.

“Indeterminable potential is not only the result of excellent fundamentals . . . but, more profoundly – Genius Innovation! We are on the right side of novel . . . where dynamics such as product development, packaging, Innocent ingredients, millennial optics and shelf marketing are uniquely synthesized. The Result = Indeterminable Potential!” smiled Caporella.

“Good fortune absolutely, but also highly-essenced strategies and impressive brand assets – clearly at work. We have first place, the leadership role in the healthy, sparkling water category. LaCroix is blessed with a cult following. What does that really mean? It means that our consumer base promotes others to follow and favor LaCroix while creating ‘Buzz’ and promoting the healthy benefits of our mutually ‘owned’ LaLa LaCroix brand.

“This year witnessed ‘proven’ predictions relative to many works in progress. The ongoing success of LaCroix’s Cúrate ‘theme’ continues its unparalleled growth. TangerEEN is proving to be the most dynamic LaCroix launch thus far and LaCroix NiCola is refreshingly satisfying cola converts at every new location,” exclaimed Caporella.

“Shasta Sparkling Water SDA (soft drink alternative), with its eloquent design, has been introduced within Shasta’s demographic areas where carbonated soft drink consumers who want their nostalgic Shasta flavors – now have a choice of entirely ‘Innocent’and exciting healthy alternatives. While our shareholders are enjoying ‘more than healthy’ increases, our innovation and creativity are generating untethered consumer demand.

“Our normally strong first quarter of a new year usually predicts a good year-over-year growth probability. This first quarter will see revenues exceed $200 million for the very first time – another respectable milestone . . . Yes!

“Anxious America wants to be more than healthy – we are doing more than our part!” concluded Caporella. Full report.


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