lavít™ Serves Happy, High-Performing Employees, One Cold Beverage At A Time

Sept. 29, 2015

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--What’s your go-to beverage when it comes to a workday thirst-quencher? Iced tea or sparkling fruit water? Energy drink or lemonade?

Today lavit™ announces the introduction of a single serve cold beverage dispenser, so every parched employee can indulge his or her individual taste preferences at the touch of a button.

A far cry from standard water cooler fare or the perennially stale pot of coffee, lavit cold beverages are a refreshing workplace perk. They can put the bounce back into an employee’s step – and even aid alertness.

The new lavit single serve system is a compact countertop dispenser that can provide purified water, chilled still or sparkling, and a variety of drinks using the innovative lavit beverage capsule. It offers a choice of naturally flavored 12 ounce cold beverages, including iced teas, lemonades, flavored waters, energy drinks and sports beverages.

Using the recommended lavit ECO3 filter, water is purified to meet standards from NSF International, a leading public health and safety organization. The dispensed beverages have no preservatives and are always 10 calories or less.

The patent-pending system uses the all-aluminum lavit capsule as a beverage mixing chamber, adding the selected beverage flavor to create a healthier beverage that’s rich in vitamins – and perfectly crafted every time. The single serve system debuts with 20 tempting beverages such as Raspberry Lemonade, Green Tea with Ginseng, Black Cherry Lime, Orange Mango and Spicy Ginger Ale.

Adequate hydration is crucial to well-being and mental functioning.1 The Institute of Medicine determined that sufficient liquid intake for most men is about 13 cups per day and about 9 cups for women.2

Even mild dehydration – a loss of just one to two percent of body water – can take a toll on health and adversely affect cognitive performance on the job.3 Lavit contributes to workplace productivity and well-being by offering better-for-you beverages made from great water and natural flavors.

“Happy, well-hydrated employees are more productive employees,” said Gian Matteo Lo Faro, founder of lavit. “And people are more likely to stay hydrated when they are offered a choice of delicious and healthy beverages.”

Sustainability is another lavit value – one the company builds into every beverage capsule. Unlike most single serve pods, lavit capsules are 100 percent recyclable. They contain one-seventh of the aluminum in a 12 ounce can and can be disposed of directly into recycling containers. The company also contributes a percentage of each capsule’s purchase price to leading water charities, providing clean drinking water to someone in need.

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About lavít

Founded in 2011, Lavit LLC is based in New York City. Revolutionizing the cold beverage industry, lavit has developed a single serve, cold beverage system featuring 100 percent recyclable beverage capsules. The lavit system is an innovative water dispenser that allows users to insert easy to recycle all-aluminum capsules to craft a variety of still or sparkling 12 ounce beverages that are delicious, naturally flavored, preservative free and 10 calories or less. For every lavit capsule purchased, the company commits funds to water charity partners across the globe.


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June 5, 2015
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